Overcoming Blame During Recovery


Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is a long road. Recovery does not end when detox from drugs and alcohol is over, rather recovery involves all facets of staying sober. Individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention courses, and lifestyle changes are all part of recovery. Blame During Recovery One of the many emotions felt [...]

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The Importance of Relapse Prevention


Relapse does not only occur at the point of using drugs or alcohol again. Relapse happens in stages and is oftentimes overlooked due to the fact that the addict isn’t physically using again. Understanding the signs of relapse, taking part in a relapse prevention program, and seeking care from a therapist are all important steps [...]

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Alcoholism is a Disease – TEDx Talks with Dia Mirza


Dia Mirza, an Indian model and actress, discusses the disease that is alcoholism. With a disease that holds such a social stigma, we must band together and move forward so that users can seek help. “Seeking help and intervention can help us arrest that disease.” Mirza grew up with an alcoholic in her family but [...]

Alcoholism is a Disease – TEDx Talks with Dia Mirza2017-02-10T10:06:05-05:00