Environmental Addiction Factors and How They Shape Substance Abuse


We as professionals have learned to recognize some of the signs and symptoms of an addiction, but there are dozens of environmental addiction factors that must be considered when trying to determine whether or not one will develop. How to Safely Navigate Environmental Addiction Factors "Understanding and accepting the factors that contribute to our thoughts, [...]

Environmental Addiction Factors and How They Shape Substance Abuse2018-11-13T10:30:59-04:00

Addiction Recovery Calls for Social Connection


A critical piece of addiction recovery is connecting with others. Social bonds are one of the many stepping stones that allow people to navigate more smoothly from the throes of substance abuse into a solid recovery. The Value of Other People During Addiction Recovery The dangers of feeling isolated or lonely are great in a [...]

Addiction Recovery Calls for Social Connection2018-10-08T11:16:35-04:00

Understanding Addiction: Where Does Biology Come into Play?


One of the most frightening things about substance abuse, to many people, is how it can affect anyone. No one group is at risk, and no one is "immune." A school of thought believes that understanding addiction lies in examining how it is related to our biology and genetic makeup, so let's explore that a [...]

Understanding Addiction: Where Does Biology Come into Play?2018-07-30T11:55:06-04:00

Opioid Addiction Not the Same as Physical Dependence


When it comes to discussing substance abuse, language is everything. That's why it's crucial that you understand the difference between an addiction - particularly an opioid addiction - and a physical dependence. Are You at Risk of Developing an Opioid Addiction? Some of the more positive news within the realm of the current state of [...]

Opioid Addiction Not the Same as Physical Dependence2018-03-05T10:29:09-04:00

Addiction Recovery Programs for Families Who Need Them


For parents whose children - fully-grown or still young - are struggling with an addiction, it can be distressing, to say the least. Parents can have a difficult enough time relating to their son or daughter without the presence of drugs or alcohol, but substance abuse adds new dimensions to that difficulty. So, if you [...]

Addiction Recovery Programs for Families Who Need Them2018-02-26T10:35:43-04:00

Understanding Addiction Despite Differing Beliefs


There is so much discussion over whether or not addiction is a disease that it often seems as if we'll never have an answer. Everyone from health experts to government workers to 'lay people' offer their opinions, educated or otherwise, about the subject. Understanding addiction requires a lot of thought and sensitivity, though, and these [...]

Understanding Addiction Despite Differing Beliefs2017-11-20T10:22:58-04:00

Nature of Addiction Means Battling Your Brain


"Why don't you just stop doing it?" People ask this question all the time of others with bad habits. One such instance is when a loved one is pleading with an addicted person to stop using drugs and alcohol, but the reality is that it's basically impossible for a person to "just stop" as a [...]

Nature of Addiction Means Battling Your Brain2017-09-25T10:32:56-04:00

Drug Abuse Comes with Different Costs


There is an enormous cost of lives to drug overdose in the United States right now, a problem that has been acknowledged, but not adequately addressed. In particular, the literal cost, the money spent in all areas of drug abuse, has proven to be much higher than most people even realize." Spending Distribution and Drug [...]

Drug Abuse Comes with Different Costs2017-08-21T10:40:39-04:00

Recover from Addiction Despite Cravings


If you are struggling with an addiction, then it can sometimes feel as if you are battling with 'another you.' This internal influence can often speak loudly and prove to be a powerful influence, so the sooner you learn to ignore and overpower it, the easier it will be for you to recover from addiction. [...]

Recover from Addiction Despite Cravings2017-08-14T10:38:24-04:00

Myth of Addiction: Everyone Equally Endangered


Understanding addiction is no easy feat. We've talked at length about the many kinds of misinformation that circulates, making it very difficult to determine what the truth and facts are. The myth of addiction includes the concepts that either everyone is equally susceptible to addiction, or that specific demographics are more at risk... depending on [...]

Myth of Addiction: Everyone Equally Endangered2017-07-17T12:02:15-04:00
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