Corona Virus Update


March 12, 2020 By John Steinberg, MD, FASAM Medical Director, The Bergand Group At the Bergand Group, the health of our patients and of our staff is paramount. Therefore, we would like to provide up to date information regarding the current Corona Virus/COVID-19. Please note that information is accumulating rapidly and this information was based [...]

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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Harford County May Be Necessary


Addiction of any kind calls for aid so that the patient can recover. When it comes to alcohol abuse or alcoholism, there may be a need for alcohol rehabilitation in Harford County or elsewhere throughout Maryland, which The Bergand Group can deliver. What to Expect from Alcohol Rehabilitation in Harford County Alcohol abuse and alcoholism [...]

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Harford County May Be Necessary2018-10-19T09:01:54-04:00

Opioid Addiction Eased with Community Efforts


What do many experts consider to be an invaluable force of good against the rising tide of opioid addiction? Community. Harford County Versus Opioid Addiction "There is reason for hope in spite of the escalating number of overdoses and the drug crisis ... and that what makes a difference is when community people come together [...]

Opioid Addiction Eased with Community Efforts2019-08-14T16:06:38-04:00

First Maryland Case of Bleeding Reported in User of Synthetic Cannabinoids


Baltimore, MD (April 5, 2018) — The Maryland Poison Center and the Maryland Department of Health are warning the public of the danger of bleeding that can be linked to use of synthetic cannabinoids, also known as spice, K2, or fake weed. The Maryland Poison Center at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy was [...]

First Maryland Case of Bleeding Reported in User of Synthetic Cannabinoids2019-08-14T16:09:23-04:00

Marijuana Use Reasoning Varied in Teens


The teenagers of today, as with every other generation of young people, face countless obstacles and dangers. Some of those are the lure and consequences that come with abusing alcohol or drugs. One popular danger now is marijuana use, and the largest risk comes with the misinformation that is spread not only from teen to [...]

Marijuana Use Reasoning Varied in Teens2019-08-14T16:48:22-04:00

Opioid Abuse Epidemic Featured in HBO Special


To bring light to the opioid abuse epidemic, HBO has put out a documentary called "Warning: This Drug May Kill You." This is a great step along the road to bringing attention to the issue and increasing education around it, both of which are necessary steps in finally bringing it to an end. A Spotlight [...]

Opioid Abuse Epidemic Featured in HBO Special2019-08-14T16:48:44-04:00

The Bergand Group Staffing Updates


The Bergand Group congratulates David Stup and wishes him well in his new position with Delphi. It has been a pleasure working with him and we wish him well with his future endeavors. We are, at the same time, incredibly excited to announce that, effective November 1, 2016, Craig Lippens has agreed to assume the [...]

The Bergand Group Staffing Updates2017-02-10T10:05:49-05:00

Addictive Behavior: Research Developments


Though it runs rampant across the United States, addiction is rarely thought of as "common." People know of others who have issues of substance abuse, but never believe that it could happen to them. It turns out, though, that addictive behavior is more common than you might believe, and recent studies within neuroscience reveal just [...]

Addictive Behavior: Research Developments2019-08-15T10:46:23-04:00

Group Therapy Sessions Foster Healthy Attachments


Since the dawn of human history, people have always had a propensity to form groups. Those who are like-minded come together for a variety of reasons and our tendency to do so is rooted in a biological basis. This is the reason that group therapy sessions are so popular and effective when it comes to treatment [...]

Group Therapy Sessions Foster Healthy Attachments2019-08-15T10:46:32-04:00

Addiction as Disease: Harmful or Helpful? (Part Two)


The debate over whether or not to label addiction as disease rages on. On a more positive note: though there are still many problems surrounding the way that we talk about and understand addiction, it is being talked about. People are trying to better address the needs of these patients, and as a result, many more [...]

Addiction as Disease: Harmful or Helpful? (Part Two)2019-08-15T10:54:52-04:00