Trauma and Addiction Go Hand in Hand


It's no secret that those with a family history of alcoholism or of drug addiction are at higher risk for developing such conditions themselves. Another piece of that is whether or not the individual has faced any level of trauma in his or her life that might further increase this risk. In fact, the relationship [...]

Trauma and Addiction Go Hand in Hand2019-08-14T16:14:32-04:00

Trauma and Addiction Require Joint Treatment


Last month was National Recovery Month which is "dedicated to raising awareness and understanding around mental (behavioral) and substance abuse disorders and celebrating the people who have recovered." However, that doesn't mean recovery shouldn't be celebrated and that awareness shouldn't be promoted throughout the rest of the year. With the state of addiction in the country [...]

Trauma and Addiction Require Joint Treatment2019-08-15T10:44:03-04:00