Teen Substance Abuse on the Rise


A few decades ago, 18 was considered old enough to buy and consume alcoholic beverages in the United States. In 1982, the state of Maryland raised that age limit to 21, amid a flood of opponents. One of the biggest arguments against the change had to do with the fact that 18-year-olds could join the military but [...]

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Teen Addiction Recovery Can Greatly Challenge Parents


Teen recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction is not an easy thing to face: for them or for their parents. Those whose son or daughter is working through rehabilitation from substance abuse may not devote any time to their own self-care, but this is important in order to fully help the child to get better. [...]

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College Drinking Can Be a Slippery Slope Toward Substance Abuse


While colleges and universities provide immeasurable opportunities, those opportunities are not always positive. Beyond education, students find peer pressure and the temptation of dangerous experiences, along with issues of mental illness and substance abuse. Unfortunately, those last two items don't play well, and this college drinking puts many young people at risk. Stress and High [...]

College Drinking Can Be a Slippery Slope Toward Substance Abuse2019-08-14T16:01:23-04:00

Teen Drug Use Indicated by Certain Signs


If you're the parent of a young person, particularly a pre-teen or teenager, then you may wonder whether or not your child has ever had contact with drugs, or if they are even regularly using any drugs. Teen drug use can lead to an addiction, particularly the earlier he or she is exposed to those [...]

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Adolescent Substance Use Rooted in Denial


It's difficult for most people suffering from an addiction to admit that they are struggling and need help. Many may not even admit to themselves that they need support. This is certainly the case for young people, and that's part of why adolescent substance use can be so particularly destructive for this group. How Can [...]

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Teen Marijuana Use Under Your Roof


We've touched on teen marijuana use a few times lately as a result of increased cases that have been brought to light. If you are concerned that your own son or daughter may be heavily involved with smoking, then consider some of the following before you approach them about it. What to Do About Teen [...]

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Opioid Epidemic Affects Teenagers, Too


It's no mystery that parents can have a huge influence over the development of addiction in their children. Many are unwilling to get involved in their kids' lives in a way that they feel will ruin their relationship with their friends, or with each other. However, the opioid epidemic touches the lives of teenagers as [...]

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Adolescent Addiction in High School and College


It's already clear that the teenage population within our country has a lot of trouble with the risks of drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, this problem doesn't seem to be easing up. "Aside from drug and alcohol use, our findings have shown rates of serious rule-breaking behaviors, as well as depression and anxiety, that are two [...]

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Alcohol Abuse: The High School Conversation


With so many threats to teenagers these days in and out of their social lives, you may be unsure of how to fit in a conversation about drugs and alcohol. The latter is a more prominent threat to most high schoolers, so find a way to talk to your child about alcohol abuse before it [...]

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Teen Opioid Addiction Still Rampant


Teen opioid addiction is still as much a problem now as ever, and certainly as much of a problem as adult opioid addiction. Where there is currently some focus on this demographic, there isn't enough to have stopped the rise of this enormous, deadly issue. Identifying Signs of Teen Opioid Addiction "According to The Foundation [...]

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