Substance Abuse in Harford County Calls for Solutions


It can be difficult to know whether an individual is really in the throes of an addiction, both for that person his or herself and for his or her loved ones. For those who may be struggling with substance abuse in Harford County, professionals at The Bergand Group can work with you to recover. Seeking [...]

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Substance Abuse Is Widespread


Most people probably have an image in their mind of the "type of person" that they think would develop some issue of substance abuse. This stereotyping doesn't often involve members of law enforcement, but the truth is that "officers are nearly three times as likely to suffer from drug addiction as others." How Police Officers' [...]

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Addicted Spouse Should Be Aided, Not Enabled


If you have an addicted spouse, then you may have been living a roller coaster of emotions through the process, especially if they're not yet working toward addiction recovery. How can you best help them to get to that point without accidentally becoming an enabler? How You Can Really Help an Addicted Spouse "Spouses often [...]

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Substance Abuse and Grief Are Intertwined


There are a lot of reasons why a person might face issues of substance abuse within their lives. For some people, losing parents, family members, or friends can be that catalyst that pushes them toward the development of an addiction. How Losing Someone Leads to Substance Abuse Everyone deals with loss differently and everyone should [...]

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Substance Abuse Problem in College Students


It can be difficult to speak with your children about a number of things, let alone about some of the more serious issues like a potential addiction. However, if your young student returns from school and is exhibiting some of the following, it's possible that they've developed a substance abuse problem. Does Your Child Have [...]

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Patterns of Addiction to Watch For


There are a number of signs and symptoms associated with those who are struggling with an addiction and who are having a difficult time changing their behavior. Being able to recognize these patterns of addiction may help family, friends, and even professionals to find more successful ways to aid that person over time. Relapse, Triggers, [...]

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Misusing Stimulants Leads to Other Addictions


College students have a slew of issues to content with, from getting good grades to managing time to sleep and socialize to finding a job or internship after graduation. These are all minus the incredible dangers and lure of substances, which aren't just limited to marijuana and alcohol. These young people are heavily misusing stimulants [...]

Misusing Stimulants Leads to Other Addictions2017-02-10T10:05:49+00:00

Recover from an Addiction Without Judgment


Though it's not an uncommon piece of an experience in trying to recover from an addiction, the phrase "dysregulated behavior" may not ring bells for everyone. All this means is that the individual exhibits a response to certain stimulants that isn't kept in check. Unfortunately, cravings are already difficult to manage and can arise seemingly without [...]

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Prevent Teen Addiction with Parental Guidance


With addiction affecting all ages in America, parents have to be vigilant about their children, particularly if those children are in their adolescent years. It isn't always possible to keep them from certain "physical and mental health conditions including depression and addiction," but the chance that they will suffer from those afflictions will be much higher without anyone [...]

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Drug Help and Self-Support


Getting effective drug help can seem impossible. There are dozens of clinics for in-person aid and countless resources online to be sorted through and tested. A single person can't easily see all of the options and then discern which addiction recovery center will work the best for him or her. If you or someone you [...]

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