Sobriety Efforts in the New Year


A new year has just begun. With it come the usual resolutions, the commitments to a better and healthier life. It may sound impossible to turn things around, but recovery from addiction begins with a promise to yourself to change. Start now with a resolution to sobriety and take that first step toward freedom. How [...]

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Holiday Sobriety in the Face of Temptation


With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be nervous about the coming time spent with family and friends or just at home in general. You aren't alone in this anxiety; a lot of people dread the season and the social interactions that it may involve. Particularly if you are working to recover from drug or [...]

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Preventing Relapse Is Part of the Process


Many people undervalue preventing relapse as a part of the recovery experience. The reality is that relapse is a very real and not uncommon danger when it comes to working back toward sobriety after issues of substance abuse. In order to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment for addiction, the patient needs to [...]

Preventing Relapse Is Part of the Process2017-02-10T10:05:50-05:00

Outpatient Detox/Withdraw Symptom Management Program Advantages


If you are working to ease away from using drugs or alcohol, you may need a little extra help in the withdrawal period of things. This time can be intense, distressing, and incredibly difficult for many as the physical symptoms rage on against that person's body from the inside. It can seem impossible, and can [...]

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Preventing Relapse After Addiction Treatment


Within the addiction conversation, there is a lot of talk about when it comes to treating addiction.  Unfortunately, there isn't as much discussion surrounding preventing relapse, which poses an enormous risk to patients as they transition out of recovery programs.  Falling back into the throes of a substance use disorder can mean even more, and sometimes [...]

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Excessive Drinking in Women and Mothers on the Rise


Because excessive drinking and alcohol dependence are becoming increasingly "normalized," we see less and see of the numerous problems associated with this abuse.  One demographic that is really falling under this dangerous umbrella is mothers (and woman in general) who report using alcohol more and more to release some of the stress and tension after a [...]

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Direction in Recovery for All Involved


Previously, we've discussed the importance of mindfulness and individual willpower in seeking direction in recovery.  Both are crucial pieces and are necessary for a healthy inpatient or outpatient rehab experience and to better shape a lifestyle after addiction.  More than that, though, everyone involved in this process needs to have a certain level of mental readjustment: not [...]

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Drug Abuse Treatment and Mental Adjustments


Many people who make a serious, positive recovery after drug abuse treatment will say that intention is one of the most important factors in the process.  It begins with imagining the kind of life that you would like to have, one vastly different than how things looked previously.  Remember the routines and exercises that worked [...]

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Help with Addiction in 2016


A new year means a new start to a lot of people which can put immeasurable pressure on those who want to commit to these resolutions.  Unfortunately, it's easy to become discouraged  unnecessarily if these goals aren't met right away, particularly when it comes to finding help with addiction and bouncing back from substance abuse.  [...]

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Addiction Help Followed by Seasonal Temptation


Keeping to a commitment to better oneself or to a resolution after getting addiction help can be made infinitely more challenging during the holiday season.  Temptation is everywhere and other people can sometimes make it more difficult to stick to these promises if they don't understand what you're trying to do (and sometimes even then).  [...]

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