Addiction Recovery for a Loved One


Whether you've been with someone for a month or for ten years, you likely want the best for that person and for yourself within the relationship. However, this can be made vastly more complicated if he or she has a problem with substance abuse. How can you navigate these tricky waters and, if it comes [...]

Addiction Recovery for a Loved One2018-02-19T10:49:17-04:00

Addiction Recovery Strategies in the New Year


Today is the first day of a brand new year. That means there is a brand new year in which to grow, to become healthier, and to learn. This is also a good point at which to resolve to work toward true addiction recovery, so let the professionals at the Bergand Group aid you in [...]

Addiction Recovery Strategies in the New Year2017-12-22T10:23:54-04:00

Addiction Recovery Requires Supporting Factors


The long road to addiction recovery is one that most people struggle with. There are a lot of things that can distract, that can lead the person astray. However, there are also some "factors of success" that can allow for a smoother journey for that person, helped along by family, friends, and professionals. So, what [...]

Addiction Recovery Requires Supporting Factors2017-12-18T10:38:11-04:00

Recovery from Addiction with Support System


Recovery from addiction is largely dependent on the support system that surrounds the patient. "Through a combination of effective medications and" therapy, these individuals can develop their best chance at overcoming the throes of substance abuse. Avoiding Relapse in Recovery from Addiction What are some of the more specific people or programs that aid in [...]

Recovery from Addiction with Support System2017-09-18T11:37:53-04:00

Addiction Recovery Isn’t a Simple Process


Addiction recovery is a process, and like every process, it takes time. People can't 'just stop' what they're doing and suddenly (and easily) live a sober life. For those who haven't experienced an addiction, it can be confusing why those affected don't 'simply' end their actions, but it is far from being that simple. The [...]

Addiction Recovery Isn’t a Simple Process2017-09-05T10:47:06-04:00

Recover from Addiction Despite Cravings


If you are struggling with an addiction, then it can sometimes feel as if you are battling with 'another you.' This internal influence can often speak loudly and prove to be a powerful influence, so the sooner you learn to ignore and overpower it, the easier it will be for you to recover from addiction. [...]

Recover from Addiction Despite Cravings2017-08-14T10:38:24-04:00

Recovery from Addiction, Guided by Values


There are a lot of claims out there saying that this or that can help you toward an easier recovery experience. However, you may not have realized the role that your own, personal values come into play when it comes to recovery from addiction, but they can help you to keep your footing in an [...]

Recovery from Addiction, Guided by Values2017-08-07T11:19:56-04:00

Recovering from Addiction with Crucial Steps


As previously established, there is no single, magic "cure-all" that can be applied to people in order to help them to maneuver from their period of addiction into sobriety and beyond. A patient has to work patiently with professionals in order to make sure that they are recovering from addiction and/or mental illnesses as effectively [...]

Recovering from Addiction with Crucial Steps2017-05-30T11:51:27-04:00

Addiction Changes with Neural Pathways


You can develop a stronger hold over your substance abuse habits than you might think. It's far from easy, and it isn't necessarily 'simple,' but it's certainly possible for you to take charge of the situation. Empower your efforts within addiction recovery by working to "build new pathways" within your own mind. Introduce Habits to [...]

Addiction Changes with Neural Pathways2017-03-27T10:43:02-04:00

Nutrition Can Make or Break Recovery Efforts


There are a lot of pieces that can make or break your experience as you work to regain your life and to recover from addiction. A big part of that is what your diet is like, in the nutrition that acts as a boon toward your bettering yourself. With rates of addiction in America as high as [...]

Nutrition Can Make or Break Recovery Efforts2017-02-10T10:05:49-04:00
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