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The term, psychoeducation, specifies a certain method of education for individuals who suffer substance abuse disorders and the mental health disorders caused by substance abuse. Usually, psychoeducation is combined with group therapy and cognitive behavioral treatment, to increase the chances that those who struggle with addiction will understand the disease and learn to cope with [...]

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Psychoeducational Programs Shed Light on Addiction


Mental health specialists often discuss psychoeducation, but what does that actually mean? It is education that is focused on the reality of substance abuse and mental health disorders. While it's easy enough to carry out a Google search, attending in-person psychoeducational programs will make things much more clear. Finding Answers in Psychoeducational Programs Individuals living [...]

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Psychoeducational Programs Within Group Therapy


A more uncommon term when it comes to treating addiction is the concept of psychoeducational programs. The details of this type of therapy may be relatively unknown, but that doesn't mean they aren't thoroughly useful in combating issues of substance abuse. What You Can Gain from Psychoeducational Programs "When going through rehab, it is likely [...]

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Psychoeducational Program Benefits Explained


A psychoeducational program, by name, seems fairly self-explanatory. Simple, even, in concept. These programs are meant to educate those involved about the particulars of one mental illness or disorder or another and even about the nature of addiction itself. The Bergand Group offers such programs to aid those who are struggling, so read more about them to discern [...]

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