Substance Abuse in Harford County: Don’t Face It Alone


Substance abuse has become an epidemic in Harford County. Year after year, the rate of deaths caused by alcohol and drug overdoses throughout the county has been increasing, and if this pattern continues, overdoses will soon become the third-leading cause of death in Harford County. Heroin is the most common cause of overdose across Maryland, [...]

Substance Abuse in Harford County: Don’t Face It Alone2019-01-04T14:38:34-04:00

Opioid Crisis in Maryland Means Threat of Overdose


Drug abuse and addiction has held the United States in its grip for many decades. However, in recent years, opioids have taken over the nation's headlines as the biggest offender. In their wake are devastation and death, and Maryland has certainly suffered from the effects of the opioid crisis. For Those Affect by the Opioid [...]

Opioid Crisis in Maryland Means Threat of Overdose2019-01-04T14:41:44-04:00

Opioid Epidemic Status in Late 2018


It's more than clear that the opioid epidemic is just that - an epidemic - but what does that mean in a practical sense? "On average, 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose." This is a real number, and one that should be terrifying. How to Start Bouncing Back from the Opioid Epidemic [...]

Opioid Epidemic Status in Late 20182018-11-28T14:07:06-04:00

Opioid Prescriptions: The Reality of the Numbers


Since the Surgeon General pleaded with doctors across America to reduce opioid prescriptions, much more attention has fallen to the epidemic in general. This is good, of course, as it prompts people to think more seriously about how we can reduce this serious issue. Still, though "there has been a slight reduction in deaths from [...]

Opioid Prescriptions: The Reality of the Numbers2018-09-24T10:40:55-04:00

Opioids Numbers Soar over Years of This Addiction Epidemic


We're well beyond the point of realizing that the United States as a whole is struggling with opioids. This addiction epidemic has been going on for years now, growing in strength and number, seemingly unchecked, as time goes on. The Growing Tragedy of the Opioids Addiction Epidemic "From 2001 to 2016, the number of opioid-related [...]

Opioids Numbers Soar over Years of This Addiction Epidemic2018-07-02T10:12:30-04:00

Opioid Crisis Has Multiple Causes


"'Fentanyl is one of the most dangerous drugs there is,' said Senator Tom Cotton in a press conference. 'It killed more than 20,000 Americans last year and has been a driving force behind the opioid crisis in the United States.'" Obviously, then, action needs to be taken to curb these deaths and to determine how to eliminate [...]

Opioid Crisis Has Multiple Causes2018-06-11T15:14:35-04:00
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