Mental Health Epidemic in America Needs Attention


There's no question that we are in the midst of a mental health epidemic. Rates of suicide and instances of depression are rising, and this means that we need to talk about not only preventative measures, but also ways to aid those suffering from serious and critical disorders. How We All Can Alleviate the Mental [...]

Mental Health Epidemic in America Needs Attention2018-06-25T10:27:10-04:00

Co-Occurring Disorders Aren’t Being Recognized


So often, an addiction is complicated by the presence of mental illness. That mental health disorder, though, isn't often addressed during addiction treatment despite the enormous number of cases in which both conditions are present. Why is this, and what can we do to change it in order to find the best help possible for [...]

Co-Occurring Disorders Aren’t Being Recognized2018-01-29T11:07:11-04:00

Mental Health Care Suffers Under New Bill


We are in a very critical moment in history right now. Americans are facing a brand-new health care bill, one that will shape the future of countless citizens' health over time. Where many would say that previous efforts told health care have been lacking, many, too, might agree that current suggestions would be hugely detrimental [...]

Mental Health Care Suffers Under New Bill2017-07-03T13:23:32-04:00

Mental Health Care Crucial in Colleges


There is no shortage of difficulties these days surrounding the subjects of addiction and mental health. Something that comes up periodically is the mental health of those on college campuses who, arguably, face the largest amount of stress of any other group and who are not receiving the help and mental health care that they [...]

Mental Health Care Crucial in Colleges2017-02-27T10:47:37-04:00

Depression and Addiction During the Holidays


Addiction and issues of mental heath can be even more difficult than usual to navigate during the holiday season. This is a time of high stress and activity, a lot of time spent with family and friends (and people in general), and it can all be incredibly overwhelming even without additional complications such as substance abuse [...]

Depression and Addiction During the Holidays2017-02-10T10:05:48-04:00

Issues of Mental Health Represented with Semicolon


What is the function of a semicolon? It marks where there might have been the end of a sentence, but instead it continues on. That is the idea behind the semicolon tattoo, a mark meant to represent  the choice of life and struggle despite issues of mental health. It's also the symbol that represents Project [...]

Issues of Mental Health Represented with Semicolon2017-02-10T10:05:49-04:00

Mental Health Stigma Persists


The stigma surrounding both addiction and mental health has not diminished, despite modern resources, knowledge, and experience. There are still far too many who believe that both are the fault of the afflicted individual, too many who believe that the patient is a burden rather than someone to love and support. Only with an open [...]

Mental Health Stigma Persists2017-02-10T10:05:50-04:00

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Offers Better Care


The definition of a dual diagnosis treatment is a program that treats a person’s addiction alongside mental health issues.  This treatment option can be started before general addiction programs begin or in the midst of one if a co-existing condition hadn't been identified beforehand.  A treatment center with qualified addiction psychiatrists can more effectively help the patient through [...]

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Offers Better Care2017-02-10T10:05:53-04:00

Combat Addiction with Careful (and Hopeful) Planning


Some things that many people struggling with addiction (or their families) could always use more of are both hope and information.  The combination of not believing that positive change can take place and also not having a solid understanding of how best to combat addiction can be hugely adverse to a person's recovery from substance [...]

Combat Addiction with Careful (and Hopeful) Planning2017-02-10T10:05:53-04:00

Addiction and Mental Health Issues Plague Colleges


There's no question that there have been rising levels of both addiction and mental health issues on college campuses.  Though a lot of these institutions recognize that there is a problem and add or adjust their resources to combat these numbers, the fact is that most students are still going without the attention, guidance, and programs [...]

Addiction and Mental Health Issues Plague Colleges2017-02-10T10:05:53-04:00
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