Seeking Guided Solutions via Medication Management in Baltimore


Medication management, with respect to addiction treatment, refers to doctor guided use of specific medications in order to assist with treatment and control or reduce the negative effects of detoxification. Evidence shows that specific medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol, when taken in precise doses at precise intervals, can provide positive benefits to patients who are [...]

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Medication Management in Lutherville MD Eases the Transition


People who are working within a professional environment to recover from an addiction may need the support of a prescription in order to recover safely. Those who need help with medication management in Lutherville MD can find guidance within The Bergand Group. What Is Medication Management in Lutherville MD? The Bergand Group has a drug [...]

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Medication Management in Lutherville MD Keeps You on Track


When working toward sobriety in a professional facility, you may be hesitant to accept medication as part of the recovery experience. This is understandable, considering that incorporating any kind of drug into rehabilitation may seem counter-intuitive, but medication management in Lutherville MD can actually aid you in avoiding the worst of withdrawal symptoms and more. [...]

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Medication Management in Baltimore City


The Bergand Group recognizes evidence-based and appropriate use of medications and dietary supplements to assist with addiction treatment and co-occuring disorders. This knowledge goes into our systems for medication management in Baltimore City. The Role of Medication Management in Baltimore City Though The Bergand Group has a drug free/abstinence philosophy as the foundation to addiction [...]

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Medication Management in Anne Arundel County


It may not be immediately clear what medication management is, what it means, or why it's so important for those recovering from an addiction. The truth is that this is a crucial piece for those who are working to move away from substance abuse of any kind, so if you need advice or guidance for [...]

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Medication Management Lutherville: What Are Your Options?


With the current opioid crisis, it can be difficult - and anxiety-inducing - to think about how to safely manage your medications. If you are currently working to recover from an addiction, or if you have never had one before, but are wary of things like painkillers, then you may not know how to avoid [...]

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Medication Management Within Addiction Treatment


Since an addiction nearly always requires one prescription or another to ease the experience of the patient, the individual often needs aid in medication management. Having a professional to help balance the drugs that are taken, even if they are for the person's own good, can make a big difference in the transition from detox [...]

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Managing Medications with MAT


Rehabilitation and recovery come with prescriptions to aid in the process more often than not. Managing medications, then, is a big next step that is necessary to reach a more complete sobriety. However, without aid, it can be more difficult than one might think. Treatment to Help in Managing Medications "Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the [...]

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Medication Management Aids in Relapse Prevention


There have been a number of steps taken and laws passed to try and alleviate the damage done by the opioid epidemic. The abuse of prescription pills has taken and upended countless lives in the United States in recent years and those in power are working gradually to see what can be done to improve [...]

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Prescription Painkillers’ Paradoxical Addiction


There is a lot of less-than-positive news when it comes to opioids these days, particularly when it comes to the rates of addictions and the difficulties that come with them. Unfortunately, as more and more research is done about prescription painkillers and their effects, there are more concerning breakthroughs that take place. In this case, [...]

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