Teen Marijuana Use Under Your Roof


We've touched on teen marijuana use a few times lately as a result of increased cases that have been brought to light. If you are concerned that your own son or daughter may be heavily involved with smoking, then consider some of the following before you approach them about it. What to Do About Teen [...]

Teen Marijuana Use Under Your Roof2017-08-07T11:06:49-04:00

Drug Policy: An Ongoing Debate and Tricky Subject


Drug policy in America seem to be changing these days as different political groups hold power and begin to enact what they believe is right for our country. Unfortunately, "for every complex problem, there is a solution that is clear, simple, and wrong," but figuring out what is 'right' and 'wrong' is much easier said [...]

Drug Policy: An Ongoing Debate and Tricky Subject2017-07-17T12:04:56-04:00

Marijuana Use Fought with Hard Facts


It may be called a "recreational drug," but marijuana use comes with its own dangers, risks, and myths, most of which are, unfortunately, believed by its users. Teens in particular are liable to fall into the trap of believing falsehoods when it comes to the use of marijuana, so make an effort to share the [...]

Marijuana Use Fought with Hard Facts2017-02-10T10:05:45-04:00
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