Individual Therapy in Timonium Provides Professional Support


Addiction therapy is essential for achieving recovery from this chronic and often progressive condition. Today, there are multiple types of addiction treatment designed to help people manage their disease, achieve recovery, and prevent relapse. Individual therapy in Timonium can provide people with a customized level of support. By working with a licensed psychiatrist or addiction [...]

Individual Therapy in Timonium Provides Professional Support2019-02-07T14:16:50-04:00

Relapse Triggers Are Dangerously Variable


The science of addiction is much more complicated than most people think. When it comes to recognizing and avoiding relapse triggers, for example, men and women have to be on the lookout for different dangers. How Relapse Triggers Can Change Between Men and Women "Estimates indicate that about 40-60% of addicts will relapse and although [...]

Relapse Triggers Are Dangerously Variable2018-11-05T10:59:10-04:00

Addiction Treatment in Baltimore: Local, Compassionate Care


What kinds of treatment are the most effective? There's no single answer. Each and every patient is different, and those seeking addiction treatment in Baltimore will find that the experts here at The Bergand Group are committed to finding the best recovery path for everyone who walks through our doors. Seeking the Highest Quality of [...]

Addiction Treatment in Baltimore: Local, Compassionate Care2018-11-07T10:43:02-04:00

Individual Therapy in Harford County to Treat Addiction


Some of the patients who pass through our doors may be in need of counseling in order to recover from an addiction. Luckily, we offer individual therapy in Harford County for those who need it. The Benefits of Individual Therapy in Harford County It can be scary to enter into counseling of any kind. Individual [...]

Individual Therapy in Harford County to Treat Addiction2018-10-29T11:10:10-04:00

Individual Therapy in Baltimore County: A Light in the Dark


It can be difficult enough to begin the more "objective" parts of rehabilitation, but it's even more challenging for many to begin therapy and to open up to another person (or other people). Individual therapy in Baltimore County is so important, though, because it allows for a personalized way to work through some of the [...]

Individual Therapy in Baltimore County: A Light in the Dark2018-08-20T10:44:45-04:00

Individual Therapy in Howard County Personalized for You


After the initial few steps involved with pursuing recovery from an addiction, you are likely to be in need of some kind of therapy in order to continue the process. For some, this means entering into individual therapy in Howard County where one-on-one attention and care can help to guide you to stability. Variations of [...]

Individual Therapy in Howard County Personalized for You2018-06-11T15:21:56-04:00

Individual Therapy in Timonium Can Ease Recovery


A big part of recovering from an addiction is attending one type of therapy or another, whether it be one-on-one or in a group. It may be that you know already which format you prefer, and so those seeking sessions for individual therapy in Timonium can opt for those offered at The Bergand Group. Variations [...]

Individual Therapy in Timonium Can Ease Recovery2018-05-14T11:05:23-04:00

Individual Therapy in Baltimore County


These days, there are a number of options for addiction treatment, making it easier than ever to find the format that works the best for you. For those who prefer individual therapy in Baltimore County over group or other varieties, there are even variations within this one category in order to suit your unique needs. [...]

Individual Therapy in Baltimore County2018-03-26T10:38:16-04:00
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