Individual Therapy or Group Therapy?


Once you decide that it's time for a change, once you make that commitment to battle your addiction, you may not know where to turn. There is a variety of treatment options, after all, and it'd be hard to know what your preferences are if you haven't tried any of them before. Whether you are [...]

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Individual Therapy Helps Reach Recovery


There are a number of ways to try and combat an addiction. One of the more common options is individual therapy, which can be highly effective in helping an addicted individual to work through the motivations that may have lead them to the gates of substance abuse and beyond. Choosing Between Group or Individual Therapy [...]

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Individual Therapy Isn’t So Scary


There's no question that therapy and counseling can be of great benefit to people for various reasons. "Everyone stands to gain from reflecting on their lives and improving their coping skills." Those who are working to recover from an addiction to alcohol or drugs are not exempt from this group, and in fact should absolutely [...]

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Individual Therapy Offers Numerous Programs


If you spend any amount of time in a recovery or treatment center for addiction, you will be faced with options in the format that your treatment takes. Depending on the patient and his or her needs, there are various programs offered that each can aid and support you in their own way. While some [...]

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Individual Therapy Sessions Work While Addiction Research Moves Ahead


In exploring what may make adolescents more prone to suffer from addiction, it seems obvious that the answer would involve the developing brains of these young people.  Recent research has suggested that there is more to the story and they hope that investigating this further may lead to breakthroughs in how these addictions at a young [...]

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What Does Drug Addiction Look Like?


Drug addiction has many faces. The stereotypical addict is someone who is homeless, begging for their next fix, and has lost all friends and family. The reality of drug addiction is that it can affect anyone. Understanding what drug addiction looks like will help you identify it in someone who may be suffering. Understanding drug [...]

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Talking to Your Children About Drugs


Talking to your children about drugs is important, as an open dialogue between parent and child can prevent drug use from starting. When a child feels they can speak to their parents, they are less likely to engage in dangerous and secretive behavior. In fact, “research shows that children who hear the facts about drugs [...]

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Managing Anger in Recovery


Anger in recovery is a normal part of the process. Dealing with anger in recovery is a tricky thing, as alcoholics are used to dealing with unwanted emotions through drinking. Anger in recovery can be a trigger for relapse. It is extremely important that those in recovery continually seek treatment, as addiction does not end [...]

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Preparing For Your Individual Therapy Sessions


When seeking professional help, especially in the form of individual therapy, it is often at a time where you feel that you’ve exhausted all other resources. While support from family and friends may make you feel like you’re not alone, that won’t solve problems completely. Individual therapy uses a variety of techniques to examine and [...]

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Teen Alcohol Abuse Linked to Marketing


Teen alcohol abuse is prevalent in our culture and this is largely due to teens’ ability to be heavily influenced by the world around them. Whether teens are influenced by what their friends and family are doing, or are familiar with the many alcohol ads being shown on television, teen alcohol abuse is an epidemic [...]

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