Heroin Addiction in Harford County: The Problem Started Long Ago


In Harford County, Maryland, the number of opioid-related deaths increased between 2015 and 2016 by 66 percent. Like many other counties around the country, heroin addiction in Harford County is a serious problem that continues to prove difficult to manage from both healthcare and law enforcement perspectives. Yet, a cursory look at the opioid problem [...]

Heroin Addiction in Harford County: The Problem Started Long Ago2018-12-21T11:15:45-04:00

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore County a Scourge on the Area


As the opioid epidemic rages on, people who are unable to afford prescription pills - or who are denied access to them by doctors - end up turning to heroin, which is cheaper and more accessible. This dangerous transition has lead to more instances of heroin addiction in Baltimore County and in the city than [...]

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore County a Scourge on the Area2018-09-17T10:43:09-04:00

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore Endangers Many


For those who don't have any personal experience with addiction - whether themselves or loved ones - it may be difficult to understand the severity of different kinds of drugs. However, heroin addiction in Baltimore is one of the most difficult kinds of addiction to treat as a result of both a powerful physical and [...]

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore Endangers Many2018-08-13T12:19:27-04:00

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore County


People across the country are fighting to overcome, or to help their loved ones to overcome, a number of addictions. In Maryland, there is no exception, and there are more than enough instances of heroin addiction in Baltimore County and other parts of the state. We need to come together to determine how best to [...]

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore County2018-03-27T13:44:22-04:00

Heroin Addiction Stems from Varying Origins


There isn't a single reason why a person might develop a heroin addiction, but there are a number of paths that have the potential to lead there. Understanding how this process begins and continues to this dangerous endpoint is an important part of figuring out how best to prevent these addictions from developing in the [...]

Heroin Addiction Stems from Varying Origins2017-12-11T10:26:27-04:00

Heroin Additive Greatly Increases Risks


There is enough that's dangerous about heroin without adding more to the risks. There is so much generalized discussion about the huge number of people struggling with this type of addiction within the U.S. at present, but the hazard that is almost never discussed is that "there’s no way to know for sure exactly what’s [...]

Heroin Additive Greatly Increases Risks2017-02-10T10:05:45-04:00

Opioids and Heroin Addiction Across the Country


Opioids and heroin are still sweeping violently across the country in an storm of addiction. Those who have already been suffering are continuing to struggle to recover, while more and more people are falling victim to prescription pill abuse, and then to using heroin, every day. Changes are being made, but that has yet to [...]

Opioids and Heroin Addiction Across the Country2017-02-10T10:05:45-04:00

Heroin Addiction Bolstered by Opioid Prescriptions


Though most attention has fallen on the opioid epidemic when it comes to the world of addiction, prescription pills are hardly the only problematic substance within the U.S. at the moment. Heroin addiction has also proven to be of epidemic-level proportions and there are certainly changes that need to be made on that front. How [...]

Heroin Addiction Bolstered by Opioid Prescriptions2017-02-10T10:05:49-04:00

Baltimore Heroin Addiction: A City’s Struggle


There is no question of the drugs and substance abuse situation in Baltimore City. Baltimore heroin addiction is notorious as having the highest levels in the nation, repeatedly featuring in concerning studies and grim news reports. "In Baltimore, where there are an estimated 19,000 heroin users, including roughly 9,500 chronic users, annual spending on the [...]

Baltimore Heroin Addiction: A City’s Struggle2017-02-10T10:05:49-04:00

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore News


There always seems to be a lot of news in Baltimore on the subject of heroin addiction. Whether it's the relaying of recent tragedies within the news or celebrations of lawmakers changing things for the better, Charm City is often in the spotlight when it comes to this particular addiction. Fortunately, there has been a [...]

Heroin Addiction in Baltimore News2017-02-10T10:05:51-04:00
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