Group Therapy in Baltimore County: Support in Recovery


If you or a loved one is battling addiction, it may be time to seek professional help. Addiction is a tough mental disorder, but with proper treatment and support it is possible to overcome it and stay sober. Group therapy has proven to be a very valuable tool in overcoming addiction, especially during the initial [...]

Group Therapy in Baltimore County: Support in Recovery2019-07-01T10:58:58-04:00

Group Therapy Sessions in Baltimore: Moving Forward Together


For those who struggle with addiction, group therapy can be one of the most effective treatment options. Read on to learn more about how group therapy sessions can be a better alternative to individual therapy. Support System Group therapy sessions are generally done in small groups and are designed to offer an alternative to traditional [...]

Group Therapy Sessions in Baltimore: Moving Forward Together2019-04-15T10:30:16-04:00

Addiction Recovery in Howard County Aided by Group Therapy


There are a lot of different kinds of treatment that exist in order to address the diverse needs of patients. People who are pursuing addiction recovery in Howard County may find that group therapy is the right choice for their unique situation. How Group Therapy Can Support Addiction Recovery in Howard County Addiction, as with [...]

Addiction Recovery in Howard County Aided by Group Therapy2018-09-24T10:42:33-04:00

Group Therapy Sessions to Support Change


There is strength in numbers, they say, and this plays a big role when it comes to group therapy sessions.  This different dynamic has worked well to give people who are going through the same process the opportunity to learn together, challenge each other, and support each other in their recoveries.  If meeting one on one within [...]

Group Therapy Sessions to Support Change2017-02-10T10:05:53-04:00

Outpatient Detox/Withdraw Symptom Management Can Be Your Addiction Solution


  When approaching recovery from addiction, there are a lot of options available to you for consideration.  One such offering of The Bergand Group is outpatient detox/withdraw symptom management programs, a period of guidance and support throughout an intense time in the patient's life as he or she moves toward sobriety. Discover Whether Outpatient Detox/Withdraw [...]

Outpatient Detox/Withdraw Symptom Management Can Be Your Addiction Solution2017-02-10T10:05:54-04:00

Overcoming Depression in a Group Setting


Overcoming depression might seem like a daunting road to travel alone. Often, due to the stigma surrounding mental health issues, people are reluctant to seek help for their depression, anxiety or addiction. Furthermore, many people suffer in silence because they don’t understand that many people also suffer from these issues. When people realize that they [...]

Overcoming Depression in a Group Setting2017-02-10T10:06:01-04:00

Break the Stigma of Mental Illness and Addiction


In TEDxBloomington, Denny Morrison discusses the stigmas behind mental illness and addiction and how to move beyond them. There are plenty of misconceptions about mental illness and addiction, but so many people suffer from them. Why has this subject held so much controversy and what can we do to break the stigma of mental illness [...]

Break the Stigma of Mental Illness and Addiction2017-02-10T10:06:02-04:00

Detoxing From Opiates and the Road to Recovery


Detoxing from opiates can be a struggle, but with support and the right treatment, opiate addicts will be well on their road to recovery before they know it. While detoxing from opiates might seem intimidating, there are a plethora of resources and treatments for opiate addicts. The National Institute of Health writes, “It is estimated [...]

Detoxing From Opiates and the Road to Recovery2017-02-10T10:06:02-04:00

Teen Drug Abuse and its Effects on the Brain


It is common for teens and adolescents to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Whether it is due to social pressure or curiosity, about one in every four high school teens will drink and about one in every sixteen high school teens will use marijuana. Due to their “it won’t happen to me” attitudes, many teens [...]

Teen Drug Abuse and its Effects on the Brain2017-02-10T10:06:05-04:00

Maintaining Sobriety During the Holidays


As the holidays approach many people are indulging in more than just great food. What goes hand-in-hand with holiday parties? Alcohol. In fact, many people who don’t tend to drink much throughout the year use alcohol during the holidays as a chance to unwind. Alcohol acts like a relaxant, and most people think ‘what better [...]

Maintaining Sobriety During the Holidays2017-02-10T10:06:05-04:00
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