Drug Enforcement Agency Needs to Focus


With America's drug and addiction issues as rampant as they are at present, one would think that the DEA, or the Drug Enforcement Agency, would be particularly busy trying to stop it, or at least trying to ease the largest burdens (such as the current opioid epidemic). However, and unfortunately, the agency has its sights [...]

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Opioid Prescriptions Bring on Addictions


The opioid abuse epidemic continues. Doctors continue to prescribe painkillers to patients who need them, but those patients are then in danger of the addictions that can develop down the road as a result. We've discussed before the responsibilities of lawmakers and doctors when it comes to opioid prescriptions, but the patients also have the power [...]

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Drug Rehabilitation Locations Vary


A lot of questions plague those who are struggling with issues of addiction and who are then seeking help. Facing drug rehabilitation can be terrifying, particularly if your experience up until that point with treatment has been negative or even nonexistent. "How a rehab understands addiction will have a tremendous impact on how it treats [...]

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Drug Help and Self-Support


Getting effective drug help can seem impossible. There are dozens of clinics for in-person aid and countless resources online to be sorted through and tested. A single person can't easily see all of the options and then discern which addiction recovery center will work the best for him or her. If you or someone you [...]

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Substance Abuse Study Hopes to Aid Adolescents


Research into the effects of substance abuse is picking up speed. "The National Institute of Health is preparing to fund the largest study of adolescent brain development to date," and the influence of drugs and alcohol on these young brains is the centerpiece of that substance abuse study. Their intention is to monitor the shifts in these [...]

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Heroin Addiction in Baltimore News


There always seems to be a lot of news in Baltimore on the subject of heroin addiction. Whether it's the relaying of recent tragedies within the news or celebrations of lawmakers changing things for the better, Charm City is often in the spotlight when it comes to this particular addiction. Fortunately, there has been a [...]

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Prescription Painkillers’ Paradoxical Addiction


There is a lot of less-than-positive news when it comes to opioids these days, particularly when it comes to the rates of addictions and the difficulties that come with them. Unfortunately, as more and more research is done about prescription painkillers and their effects, there are more concerning breakthroughs that take place. In this case, [...]

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Addiction Struggle Eased with Education


When it comes to the information discussed within the addiction conversation, myths seem to dominate the facts. This is unfortunately the case in such a way that it encourages fear mongering techniques and certainly doesn't aid in preventative measures or in helping victims to reach recovery. The real way to help everyone involved in the modern addiction [...]

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Opioid Addictions and Overdoses Pose Serious, Fatal Problems


It isn't breaking news that opioid addictions and overdoses having been a major problem in the United States within a period that stretches back almost thirty years.  Doctors, who can recognize the symptoms immediately and determine what substance has brought in the overdose patient, are seeing more and more a certain demographic of people who fall victim [...]

Opioid Addictions and Overdoses Pose Serious, Fatal Problems2019-08-15T11:00:30-04:00

Heavy Marijuana Use in Youth Depletes Dopamine


There's no question that levels of cannabis abuse have been rising lately as more and more young people come to believe that there are little to no harmful effects of heavy marijuana use.  Unfortunately, not only is this far from the truth, but this lack of understanding about the facts can lead to "severe marijuana dependence [...]

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