Drug Treatment in Bel Air MD Can be a Challenge


Although the government declared the current opioid crisis a national emergency two years ago, the ability for those suffering from an addiction to quickly ask for and receive treatment remains incredibly difficult. Primary reasons why those struggling with substanec abuse are denied drug treatment Bel Air MD and elsewhere in the U.S. include some of what [...]

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Drug Treatment in Baltimore Means…


In 2018, nearly 2000 individuals released from correctional institutes in Maryland overdosed in the spring and summer alone. This is due to the high addiction rates within the state and the lack of medical insurance available to these individuals. Maryland devised the presumptive eligibility plan to help provide individuals who needed drug treatment in Baltimore [...]

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Drug Treatment in Baltimore: Start Your Recovery Here


Drug abuse is an epidemic in Baltimore, Maryland. The number of accident fatalities, deaths, and arrests due to possession of drugs keep increasing over the years. In order to help those in need, The Bergand Group is committed to providing drug treatment in Baltimore and care for patients seeking recovery from addiction. The Bergand Group: [...]

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Drug Treatment in Baltimore Isn’t out of Reach


There are a lot of questions when it comes to addiction and the search for proper rehabilitation. Many people have no idea how to begin, and rightfully so: there are so many options that it can seem incredibly overwhelming. Luckily, for those who need drug treatment in Baltimore, we can help you to find your [...]

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