Drug Abuse Not Result of a Single Entity


When so many people suffer as a result of addictions and overdoses, we want to point fingers, to identify a 'culprit,' and to make that person pay. It's much  more difficult to face reality without someone to blame. However, the development of drug abuse habits isn't always able to be attributed to a single root [...]

Drug Abuse Not Result of a Single Entity2018-04-30T10:11:51-04:00

Drug Use: Why Does It Go On and On?


For those on the outside looking in, it can be confusing and distressing to see loved ones continue to engage in drug use even after the situation has been brought to light. "A key characteristic of drug addiction is that the individual suffering from it continues to use despite harmful consequences." Why, though, does it [...]

Drug Use: Why Does It Go On and On?2019-08-14T16:12:51-04:00

Drug Epidemic Not Eased by the Government


In spite of the dozens of other topics that take precedence in the news lately, the White House has also been paying (some) attention to the drug epidemic. "The White House Opioid Commission’s Interim Report" has recently released some statistics and information on the opioid addiction situation... and what they plan to do about it. [...]

Drug Epidemic Not Eased by the Government2019-08-14T16:25:41-04:00

Drug Abuse Comes with Different Costs


There is an enormous cost of lives to drug overdose in the United States right now, a problem that has been acknowledged, but not adequately addressed. In particular, the literal cost, the money spent in all areas of drug abuse, has proven to be much higher than most people even realize." Spending Distribution and Drug [...]

Drug Abuse Comes with Different Costs2019-08-14T16:26:17-04:00

Drug Use, Misconceptions, and Consequences


Drug use - and the abuse that leads to addiction - is one of many 'hot topics' within our country at the moment. This is because so many people are suffering from these substances and more and their situations don't seem to be improving with time. We all need to find better ways to help [...]

Drug Use, Misconceptions, and Consequences2019-08-14T16:35:11-04:00

Drug Enforcement Agency Needs to Focus


With America's drug and addiction issues as rampant as they are at present, one would think that the DEA, or the Drug Enforcement Agency, would be particularly busy trying to stop it, or at least trying to ease the largest burdens (such as the current opioid epidemic). However, and unfortunately, the agency has its sights [...]

Drug Enforcement Agency Needs to Focus2019-08-15T10:40:52-04:00

Prescription Drug Abuse: Who Is to Blame?


The word "drugs" typically comes with a bad connotation, one steeped in years of news about the rising rate of addictions. Of course, the other side of the word is legal prescriptions, medications that greatly aid those who have diagnosed conditions. It's difficult for lawmakers, doctors, and a score of others to make the distinction [...]

Prescription Drug Abuse: Who Is to Blame?2019-08-15T10:42:21-04:00