Denying an Addiction Makes Recovery Difficult


Before a person is able to begin their journey toward recovery, they may be stuck within the dangerous mindset of denying an addiction. It could be that they are unable to face their own substance abuse, or it could be the habits of a loved one, but either way, this denial can prove very harmful [...]

Denying an Addiction Makes Recovery Difficult2019-08-14T16:05:50-04:00

Struggling with Addiction Hand in Hand with Denial


If a loved one is struggling with addiction, then you may not know how to approach, or interact with, this person. It's said that there is a inherent dishonesty that can come with an addicted person as they try to navigate their tumultuous life as best they can. Unfortunately, as a result you may not [...]

Struggling with Addiction Hand in Hand with Denial2019-08-14T16:20:32-04:00

Denying an Addiction Prevents Recovery


It's clear that one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome with respect to substance abuse is denying an addiction. If the individual is practicing some level of self-deception, if they're unable to face the truth of the situation, then recovery will be all the more arduous. The Dangerous Truth of Denying an Addiction If [...]

Denying an Addiction Prevents Recovery2019-08-14T16:22:47-04:00

Denying an Addiction Hurts in the Long Run


The tendency for a lot of people, when facing unpleasant thoughts and emotions, is to withdraw. To shove them deep down and employ avoidant behavior so as to 'deal' with them another day. However, trying to ignore these issues often leads to a much worse situation down the road as they all come bursting forth, [...]

Denying an Addiction Hurts in the Long Run2019-08-14T16:26:50-04:00