Drug Addiction: Cravings, Triggers, and the Threat of Relapse


One of the biggest threats to someone in recovery is the cravings that can arise following one of many triggers, or triggering situations. Because some many misunderstand the nature of cravings and how they relate to drug addiction, we will review their meaning and the danger that they pose to those trying to reach sobriety. [...]

Drug Addiction: Cravings, Triggers, and the Threat of Relapse2019-08-14T16:12:39-04:00

Addiction Cravings Can Be Hard to Avoid


With every aspect of substance abuse: if we are able to better understand them, then we have a better chance of helping those who need it. In this case, addiction cravings is the item in question, and the point of focus is the contention that they have a "distinct timetable" which would help people to [...]

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Cravings May Be Slowed in Recent Experiment


It doesn't share the limelight with heroin and opioids, both of which are wreaking havoc on our country, but those who are addicted to cocaine still need attention, care, and treatment. Fortunately, there is new research that suggests its victims may be able to better avoid cravings for the drug with the aid of ketamine. The [...]

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Cravings Lead to Distorted Thinking


How much do you know about cravings for a substance to which you were previously addicted? Possibly: not much more than that they exist. However, there is more to these dangerous lures than you might realize, and by looking into them, you might be able to overcome them and their related, distorted thinking more easily in [...]

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