Child of an Addict Grows up with Complications


As the child of an addict, you face the kinds of experiences that other people can't even imagine. Whether you're still living with or are close to the parent or haven't seen or heard from them in years, dealing with a mother or father (or both) who struggles with any kind of addiction is not [...]

Child of an Addict Grows up with Complications2017-09-05T10:31:37-04:00

Children of Alcoholics Face Innumerable Obstacles


Those who are addicted to alcohol unquestionably have their share of struggles, difficulties, and anxieties. However, if those people have children, then there is another group that isn't often considered, but which certainly faces enormous obstacles and that must deal with their own tragedies as a result of their parents' drinking. These children of alcoholics [...]

Children of Alcoholics Face Innumerable Obstacles2017-03-20T11:08:10-04:00
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