Break the Stigma of Addiction in Baltimore


For someone struggling with addiction, the path to recovery can be a rocky road. There are many obstacles to overcome, and difficulties to conquer. One of the most powerful challenges they face is dealing with the stigmas associated with addiction. If we as a community want to break the stigma of addiction in Baltimore, particularly, [...]

Break the Stigma of Addiction in Baltimore2019-06-24T10:50:31-04:00

Opioid Crisis Worsened by Our Conversations


The country is facing a serious opioid crisis. However, the language we often use to describe people suffering from addiction is often inaccurate and mischaracterizes the true nature of the condition, which the medical community refers to as a diagnosable and treatable illness. Many healthcare providers are urging communities to revise the language they use [...]

Opioid Crisis Worsened by Our Conversations2019-01-29T13:45:20-05:00

Development of an Addiction Affects Caretakers, Too


There's no question of the stigma associated with those who suffer from addictions, but people rarely think of their loved ones - their caretakers - and the stigma that follows them, too. The development of an addiction affects not only one person, but everyone who cares about - and for - them. Many People Struggle [...]

Development of an Addiction Affects Caretakers, Too2019-08-14T16:03:36-04:00

Substance Abuse and Addiction Still Face Intense Stigmas


Substance abuse affects more people within our country than most realize. Addiction has been running rampant for years and years, and yet the stigma that surrounds it prevents those afflicted from finding care, and those on the outside from understanding and offering empathy. Practicing Empathy to Aid Those with Addiction or Substance Abuse Issues "What’s [...]

Substance Abuse and Addiction Still Face Intense Stigmas2019-08-14T16:03:45-04:00

Drug Addiction Is Still an Ongoing Debate


There has been a debate ongoing for some time now as to whether or not drug addiction is a physical disease, one that damages the brain in a measurable way. However, this month saw the beginning of a trial in which it would be decided where this debate stands within our country... or so they [...]

Drug Addiction Is Still an Ongoing Debate2019-08-14T16:21:50-04:00

Suffering from Addictions as the Stigma Continues


One of the biggest roadblocks within our nation's work to heal those who are suffering from addictions is the stigma associated with both addiction and mental health. Particularly in a time where the government is trying to reform health care, we need to think more carefully about where our priorities lie, who we're really helping, [...]

Suffering from Addictions as the Stigma Continues2019-08-14T16:34:46-04:00

Addiction Stigma Stems from the Language


How we talk about substance abuse matters in how successful addiction recovery will be. As we've said time and time again, addiction stigma will only increase until a time where there is widespread and educated discussion about the state of this epidemic. "More and more research on stigma is showing that words can truly be [...]

Addiction Stigma Stems from the Language2019-08-14T16:43:43-04:00

Drug Death Epidemic Ignorance, Avoidance


The tide of news about the state of the addiction crisis in America ebbs and flows. Apparently, according to a recent New York Times study, "deaths are continuing to rise" within the current state of the drug death epidemic. So, what steps are being taken to stop this "acceleration?" Turning Away from the Drug Death [...]

Drug Death Epidemic Ignorance, Avoidance2019-08-14T16:43:54-04:00

Addiction Myth Born from Fear of Shame


Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles in the road to recovery for those struggling with substance abuse is the stigma born from the addiction myth. Family and friends should be pillars of support within this process, but too often they are, whether intentional or not, impeding their loved one's progress with some of the things [...]

Addiction Myth Born from Fear of Shame2019-08-14T16:44:05-04:00

Addiction Myths and the Impact on Women


It's no question that there are dozens of addiction myths out there which make it harder than ever before to help heal those who need it. However, there are some specifically about women that shame these people who seek to recovery from substance abuse. Shame, Pressure, and Addiction Myths "Women grow up with different cultural [...]

Addiction Myths and the Impact on Women2019-08-14T16:49:04-04:00