Anxiety and Addiction: Co-Existing Disorders


It's well known that co-existing disorders can play a huge role in habits of substance abuse. In this case, anxiety and addiction are often seen together, as the latter can lead to the development of the former. Can we, then, address anxiety thoroughly enough to prevent addiction down the road? Ease the Strain of Both [...]

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Combatting Anxiety Within Addiction Treatment


The way that most people understand anxiety is as a mental illness in and of itself, one that can often be made worse by a number of occurrences in daily life.  However, anxiety disorders are rarely standalone and are usually representative of a larger issue or, at the very least, are co-occurring with other issues. [...]

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The Pitfalls of Modern Mental Health Stigmas


Mental health stigmas have often prevented those who are suffering from seeking help. Many times mental health stigmas are rooted in the stereotypes that mental health issues only affect a small majority of the population, while others stem from the miseducation of what these afflictions truly are. Too often do people describe a shift in [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Anxiety and Addiction


Many times people seek treatment for addiction and find they have co-occurring disorders to address as well. These mental health issues range from depression to anger management issues to anxiety. Many times people seek treatment for anxiety and addiction. Whether an addict realizes it or not, using is a way to escape from mental health [...]

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Overcoming Depression in a Group Setting


Overcoming depression might seem like a daunting road to travel alone. Often, due to the stigma surrounding mental health issues, people are reluctant to seek help for their depression, anxiety or addiction. Furthermore, many people suffer in silence because they don’t understand that many people also suffer from these issues. When people realize that they [...]

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Signs Someone May Be Suffering From Anxiety or Depression


Learning the signs someone may be suffering from anxiety or depression is crucial to overcoming these mental health disorders, whether for you or a loved one. In order to understand these signs, we all need to change our perspective on mental health disorders. Until the stigma of these issues subsides, people will continue to avoid [...]

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