The Details of Ambulatory Detox


Ambulatory detox is a fairly new treatment concept in substance abuse rehabilitation. The idea may be new, but it's an innovative approach that makes detox much more affordable, integrated, and comfortable for many patients. Every person's addiction journey is different, and now, with options like ambulatory detox, the approaches to detox and treatment can vary [...]

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Ambulatory Detox: Ensuring Safety and Comfort


Almost one in seven Americans - a total of 21 million people in the United States - struggles with a form of substance abuse or addiction. Fighting substance abuse is especially problematic as both the mind and the body turn against the person. For many Americans, the solution may be an ambulatory detox program. What [...]

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Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore Can Save Lives


The current wave of addiction sweeping through the country shows no sign of slowing down. As a result, the search for different treatment approaches has also grown. One of the newer and effective methods is an ambulatory detox model. This confers the benefits of a professional rehabilitation, but in a less restrictive and more economical [...]

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Understanding Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore


A person struggling with addiction needs as many potential paths toward recovery as possible. One of the most promising additions to available treatments today is ambulatory detox. Ambulatory detox in Baltimore is currently available to qualified patients, so read on to learn more. What is Ambulatory Detox? Ambulatory detox is an innovative, practical approach to [...]

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Ambulatory Detox: Defined


Ambulatory detox is an outpatient medical treatment program for those suffering from an addiction of any kind. It involves abstaining from the use of drugs or alcohol to flush out the body. This has proven to be cost-effective for many people since these patients are able to spend the night in the comfort of their [...]

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Transcending Addiction Means Unmasking the Myth


Addiction is on the rise in the US, with startling rates of heroin, meth, and prescription drug abuse on the rise. Despite this fact, many people still stigmatize it and believe that it could affect their families. When they hear or see anything about addiction, they are quick to say that addicts deserve what they [...]

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Ambulatory Detox Versus Inpatient Treatment


Ambulatory detox has been touted as the new solution within detoxification. When patients worked through an inpatient treatment program, the results were not particularly promising, as many relapsed afterwards when they were back home and had left the inpatient facility. Luckily, experts have found that ambulatory detox, also known as outpatient treatment, seems to have [...]

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How to Identify an Addiction


The act of being addicted is defined as, “To devote or surrender to something habitually or obsessively.” Addiction does not always have to involve drugs and alcohol, in fact, many times parents tell their children that they are “addicted to” candy, television, etc. While this may be true, addictions can rear their heads at an [...]

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Detox Programs: A Dire Necessity for Alcohol, Benzos and Opiates


While many of us have not seen withdrawal first-hand, I’d bet that several of us have seen it in movies or television. A person hunched over on the floor, sweating and clenching their stomachs. Shaking hands. Paranoia. Relapse. Efforts at detoxifying the body from drugs and alcohol are oftentimes met with relapse because, without a [...]

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Treatment Services Provided by The Bergand Group


The Bergand Group would like to thank you for your support of our efforts to provide truly individualized dual diagnosis and primary substance abuse disorder treatment. We are very proud to announce the expansion of our services, now COMAR certified at our offices in Lutherville, MD: […]

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