Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore Helps You Reach Solid Ground


In the United States, one in thirteen adults has an alcohol problem or abuses alcohol. Alcohol is legal to consume for adults and is available everywhere. As a result, when people are struggling with alcohol addiction, it can be ignored or not taken seriously by friends and family. However, alcohol addiction is a very serious [...]

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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore Guides You Through Withdrawal


Many people of varying ages suffer from Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD). The drinking that they do is routine, and the behavior that they display can be erratic and disruptive to others. The alcohol use isn't social: it's an addiction that slowly takes over their lives. For those in need of alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore, there [...]

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Alcohol Rehab in Bel Air MD is Close to Home


Alcohol addiction can be tough to manage, both for the person suffering from addiction and his or her loved ones. While you want your loved one to get better, the path to recovery is not always clear. This is why a professional rehab program can oftentimes be the best choice, so that a professional team [...]

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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore Shaped by Individuality


There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to treatment. Just as every person is a unique individual, each person who is struggling with an addiction should be able to follow a plan that is tailored to them. For personalized alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore, let The Bergand Group help to shape your recovery journey. Starting Alcohol Rehabilitation in [...]

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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Bel Air MD


Realizing that you, or that someone you care about, is in need of aid in order to break from the grip of addiction is a big step. After that, there are so many options that it may be overwhelming, but one that may  be necessary is alcohol rehabilitation in Bel Air MD. Abuse, Addiction, and [...]

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Preventing Relapse Is Part of the Process


Many people undervalue preventing relapse as a part of the recovery experience. The reality is that relapse is a very real and not uncommon danger when it comes to working back toward sobriety after issues of substance abuse. In order to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment for addiction, the patient needs to [...]

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Alcohol Rehabilitation in the U.S.


Alcoholism is a tricky subject in the U.S. Many still condemn drinking of any kind, and yet there is an unprecedented number of addictions and not much of a push toward alcohol treatment. "Individual consumption has declined 20 percent since 1980," but we are spending more on the marketing media for alcohol than ever. Habits, statistics, [...]

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Detox Programs That Are Right for You


If you are in need of a detox program in order to safely end your relationship with alcohol or drugs, then you need to find a recovery center that is the right fit for you. Of course, this is easier said than done; there are a lot of facilities available, all making various promises and boasting [...]

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Alcohol Abuse Still Enormous Threat


Though the big talking point lately has been opioid abuse, overdoses from prescription medicines are not the number one substance-related killer in the United States. In fact, that grim title still can be attribute to alcohol-related deaths, as the NIAAA states that alcohol abuse is the "fourth leading preventable cause of death." The Continued Dangers [...]

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Underage Drinking and Parental Guidance


Whether your child is currently struggling with heavy alcohol use, heading down that path, or not experimenting with underage drinking at all, it's important that you have a conversation with him or her about its dangers.  Without the information to forewarn them, more and more preteens and young teens will slip into a drinking problem. [...]

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