Alcohol Abuse in Harford County: Finding Aid for Those in Need


Alcohol use is widely accepted and promoted in our society, but it's certainly not without its downsides. According to statistics, over 17 million adults in this country have a drinking problem. The rates of alcohol abuse in Harford County is in line with those statistics. Signs of Alcohol Abuse Any of the following signs may [...]

Alcohol Abuse in Harford County: Finding Aid for Those in Need2019-04-08T12:24:01-04:00

Alcohol Abuse Encouraged on Social Media Ads


There's no denying social influence, particularly when it comes to drugs and alcohol. People are so much more likely to engage with these substances if others are doing so, and especially if those others are encouraging the person to engage. Substance abuse is fairly rampant in the United States at the moment, but advertisements on [...]

Alcohol Abuse Encouraged on Social Media Ads2018-11-27T10:55:57-04:00

Binge Drinking Can Lead to Liver Damage Before Long


Alcoholism, binge drinking, and other forms of over-indulgence in this substance can easily lead to liver disease. "Deaths caused by liver disease and cirrhosis have increased by at least fifty percent in the past two decades," and much of this has been caused by the binge drinking and alcohol abuse that is found even among [...]

Binge Drinking Can Lead to Liver Damage Before Long2018-10-01T10:31:03-04:00

Alcohol Abuse in Harford County Needs Attention


Because it's so integrated with our society, drinking alcohol is rarely considered as being dangerous (except when examined under a lens of college-aged drinking habits, for example). However, alcohol abuse in Harford County, and the rest of the country, is a big problem, and the dangers of alcohol can absolutely not be ignored. The Threat [...]

Alcohol Abuse in Harford County Needs Attention2018-04-09T10:55:33-04:00

Alcohol Abuse Stems from Social Issues


A big part of understanding the current state of addiction within America is the question of how all this began. Some who have studied this ongoing situation in depth have labeled it as a "social problem," pointing fingers in particular at the rampant, and socially-accepted, alcohol abuse. How Our Society Has Shaped Modern Alcohol Abuse [...]

Alcohol Abuse Stems from Social Issues2018-01-02T10:35:48-04:00

Alcohol Abuse Is Wired in the Brain


Over and over again, people have debated whether addiction is something physical, a part of the body and its physiology, and which can be 'located.' In any case, addiction is an extremely complicated concept, which prevents many people from understanding the science of, for example, drug and alcohol abuse, along with other disorders. Drug and [...]

Alcohol Abuse Is Wired in the Brain2017-09-11T13:06:39-04:00

Teen Binge Drinking, Spring Break, and Brain Development


It's the time of year when people, off from school and work, grab a red cup, head to the beach, and often engage in binge drinking. This can be a turbulent and dangerous time for those without the predisposition to addiction, and for those with issues of substance abuse, spring break can be a terrifying [...]

Teen Binge Drinking, Spring Break, and Brain Development2017-04-03T11:41:51-04:00

Problem with Alcohol Use Signaled By…


"With something like addiction that takes some time to develop, we may already be steps down the path before we realize we’re even on it." You may be going about your life and realize all at once that you are deep into a substance abuse problem. This is obviously not a good situation to find [...]

Problem with Alcohol Use Signaled By…2017-03-27T10:29:17-04:00

Alcoholism Fought with Aid of Supplements


What, if anything, can be done to lessen the negative impacts of alcohol abuse? According to a number of new studies, the concept of "consuming amino acid supplements as a natural cure for alcoholism and other sugar cravings" has arisen, and it's an interesting theory with promising results. What Can Amino Acids Do Against Alcoholism? The [...]

Alcoholism Fought with Aid of Supplements2017-02-10T10:05:45-04:00

Drinking Problem Warning Signs


It may seem as if it's easy to figure out, but determining whether or not you yourself have a drinking problem can be trickier than you might think. Certain habits that are attributed to "problem drinkers" are not necessarily all signs of an addiction... and, conversely, those without the signs may still have a problem. Are [...]

Drinking Problem Warning Signs2017-02-10T10:05:45-04:00
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