Co-Occurring Disorders Aren’t Being Recognized


So often, an addiction is complicated by the presence of mental illness. That mental health disorder, though, isn't often addressed during addiction treatment despite the enormous number of cases in which both conditions are present. Why is this, and what can we do to change it in order to find the best help possible for [...]

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Addiction Treatment That Really Makes a Difference


Working within the best possible method of addiction treatment is absolutely crucial to recovery. Part of your recovery plan may involve some level of therapy, in which case you want to make sure that you have found a person and therapy style that fits the best for your situation. Signs That You Should Switch Addiction [...]

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Addiction Treatment Stymied by Shame


There are a lot of obstacles that might stand between a person and addiction treatment. One of the most pervasive in our society today, though, is feelings of shame that are pushed on to the patient by others. With this stigma heavy on their heads, people find it more difficult than ever to work through [...]

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Addiction Treatment Centers Not All Created Equal


For a person who is in the throes of an addiction, it can seem impossible to find care. Addiction treatment centers are a dime a dozen, seemingly, but with only a few acting as legitimate centers for a healthy recovery. How are victims supposed to be able to get better if there is no clear [...]

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Drug Treatment to Restore Mental Balance


Those in need of drug treatment for an addiction often have difficulty making that push to active steps toward recovery. They are more often than not aware of the consequences of their continued use, so why do so many addicts continue to make these destructive choices? The answer is more complicated than just "because they [...]

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Addiction Treatment Ads Vanish from Google


With the opioid epidemic booming, rehab and other recovery centers (or so they claim) have been cropping up like weeds. Many of these are no reputable companies, though, and "are unfit to help addicts or, in some cases, endangering their lives." Unfortunately, as a result, Google is cracking down on advertisements for all addiction treatment [...]

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Support for Addiction from Loved Ones


If you know someone who is suffering from an addiction, then you likely already know how difficult the entire experience is for everyone involved. It's also likely that you aren't sure how best to help that person. Support for addiction can come in a variety of forms and from a variety of sources, so don't [...]

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Addiction Treatment Plan: Personalized


There have been scores of proposed methods of treating the victims of substance abuse, and depending on the person, those attempts vary in their successes. "Not all brains are created equal," which is why a new addiction treatment plan has begun to gain popularity for its individualized look at a person's situation. Putting Together a [...]

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Substance Abuse Steps for New President


With this new year comes a new president for our United States. In order to make a difference in easing the effects of substance abuse as they rage against the country, President Trump should seriously consider some of the following. Without the aid of our government and lawmakers, change toward more complete sobriety will be [...]

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Addiction Treatment Programs Exploration


Depending on the addiction that a person is suffering from, he or she will need one or more of many different types of treatment. The addiction treatment programs of today are more specialized than ever so that they can offer the most help possible to those who need it. Detoxification and Other Addiction Treatment Programs [...]

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