Addiction Treatment in Baltimore Calls for Compassionate Care


Addiction can be very difficult to overcome on one's own. There are so many temptations, and the withdrawal symptoms can often be too difficult for victims to overcome without any external aid. Many addicts don't realize that they have an addiction until things take a turn for the worse, which is what centers for addiction [...]

Addiction Treatment in Baltimore Calls for Compassionate Care2019-03-25T12:03:19-04:00

Addiction Treatment in Bel Air MD Can Ease the Struggle


In many communities across Maryland, the opioid crisis is continuing to affect individuals suffering from addiction. It can be difficult to confront someone about a suspected drug abuse problem or even for someone suffering from a substance addiction to admit to themselves that they have a problem. Even worse—this problem isn't going to disappear without [...]

Addiction Treatment in Bel Air MD Can Ease the Struggle2019-01-07T10:51:35-04:00

Addiction Treatment Individualized for Increased Success


There are a lot of challenges facing those who are struggling with an addiction and those who want to help those individuals to recover. "The current addiction treatment system is failing us," as evidenced by bleak statistics, but this doesn't mean that there isn't any reason for hope. The Clear Benefits of Unique Addiction Treatment [...]

Addiction Treatment Individualized for Increased Success2018-09-10T15:39:19-04:00

Addiction Treatment in Harford County Provides Stability and Support


To say that it can be difficult to find the right kind of program in order to recover from an addiction is an understatement. Addiction treatment in Harford County can seem impossible to approach without a plan of some sort in place, but that's where The Bergand Group comes into play. We have a diverse [...]

Addiction Treatment in Harford County Provides Stability and Support2018-07-23T10:27:40-04:00

Overdose Crisis Calls for Research-Based Action


Why do we at the Bergand Group encourage medication management, and treatment that is supposed by the use of carefully-regulated medications? Because it is medically proven to lessen "cravings and effectively reduce the primary concerns of relapse, namely, that of overdose." This is something to absolutely keep in mind as we, as a nation, continue [...]

Overdose Crisis Calls for Research-Based Action2018-07-09T10:49:19-04:00

Addiction Treatment in Harford County from a Qualified Provider


There are dozens of addiction treatment facilities in the United States and a lot of options within Maryland alone. Those who sorely need addiction treatment in Harford County should consider The Bergand Group, where our 25+ years of experience will come into play to help you to establish a solid path to recovery. Finding Appropriate [...]

Addiction Treatment in Harford County from a Qualified Provider2018-07-02T10:29:59-04:00

Co-Occurring Disorders Aren’t Being Recognized


So often, an addiction is complicated by the presence of mental illness. That mental health disorder, though, isn't often addressed during addiction treatment despite the enormous number of cases in which both conditions are present. Why is this, and what can we do to change it in order to find the best help possible for [...]

Co-Occurring Disorders Aren’t Being Recognized2018-01-29T11:07:11-04:00

Addiction Treatment That Really Makes a Difference


Working within the best possible method of addiction treatment is absolutely crucial to recovery. Part of your recovery plan may involve some level of therapy, in which case you want to make sure that you have found a person and therapy style that fits the best for your situation. Signs That You Should Switch Addiction [...]

Addiction Treatment That Really Makes a Difference2018-01-08T10:43:58-04:00

Addiction Treatment Stymied by Shame


There are a lot of obstacles that might stand between a person and addiction treatment. One of the most pervasive in our society today, though, is feelings of shame that are pushed on to the patient by others. With this stigma heavy on their heads, people find it more difficult than ever to work through [...]

Addiction Treatment Stymied by Shame2017-11-27T10:18:31-04:00

Addiction Treatment Centers Not All Created Equal


For a person who is in the throes of an addiction, it can seem impossible to find care. Addiction treatment centers are a dime a dozen, seemingly, but with only a few acting as legitimate centers for a healthy recovery. How are victims supposed to be able to get better if there is no clear [...]

Addiction Treatment Centers Not All Created Equal2017-11-20T10:36:33-04:00
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