Substance Use, Declining Memory, and the Elderly


It doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that substance use and addiction might lead to the development of memory problems. It isn't only using drugs that can cause these issues: "excessive alcohol consumption may increase the risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia." So, knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt [...]

Substance Use, Declining Memory, and the Elderly2019-08-14T15:54:46-04:00

Overdose Crisis Calls for Research-Based Action


Why do we at the Bergand Group encourage medication management, and treatment that is supposed by the use of carefully-regulated medications? Because it is medically proven to lessen "cravings and effectively reduce the primary concerns of relapse, namely, that of overdose." This is something to absolutely keep in mind as we, as a nation, continue [...]

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Treating Addiction


Finally, some good news. Researchers in the field of treating addiction have found that there may be some relief to be gained for those with substance abuse in a new type of treatment. The Likely Benefits of Vagus Nerve Stimulation A report just published in March suggested that a particular, physical treatment may be able [...]

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Children of Addicts Need Guidance


We've discussed previously the plight of adult children of alcoholics, but what about those who are young children and whose parents suffer from issues of substance abuse? These children of addicts are hugely impacted by the choices, condition, and lifestyle of those who raise them, with whom they live under a roof. It isn't a question [...]

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Drug Rehabilitation Locations Vary


A lot of questions plague those who are struggling with issues of addiction and who are then seeking help. Facing drug rehabilitation can be terrifying, particularly if your experience up until that point with treatment has been negative or even nonexistent. "How a rehab understands addiction will have a tremendous impact on how it treats [...]

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Substance Abuse Study Hopes to Aid Adolescents


Research into the effects of substance abuse is picking up speed. "The National Institute of Health is preparing to fund the largest study of adolescent brain development to date," and the influence of drugs and alcohol on these young brains is the centerpiece of that substance abuse study. Their intention is to monitor the shifts in these [...]

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