The surgeon general has stated that one in seven Americans will deal with a substance abuse addiction in their lifetime. The reasons vary, ranging from the pressure of stressful careers to trouble at home. The current opioid crisis the nation is facing is just one sign of addiction issue reaching epidemic proportions. Addiction affects every demographic in the country, regardless of economic or educational status. Discovering an addiction is the first step on the road to recovery. Next, it is important to find the right treatment program to get back on track. One popular option is outpatient detox.

What Is Outpatient Detox?

In the past, to treat addiction, patients entered a residential detox program. For many, the thought of having to leave their home and family to learn to control their addictions was enough to keep them from seeking help. Today, there are more options for addiction treatment, and outpatient detox has become a more suitable choice for those with a mild to moderate substance abuse problem. With outpatient detox, patients can stay at home while they receive care for their addiction, instead of being admitted to a rehab or medical facility. During their treatment, patients are monitored medically, to ensure their detox from drugs or alcohol is safe.

Benefits of Outpatient Detox

There are many advantages to outpatient detox. First, outpatient detox is more affordable than traditional residential detox. In addition, many people find being in the comfort of their own home preferable to inpatient care. While outpatient detox is just as effective and as safe as in-house treatment, it is also much less time-consuming and allows for more flexibility in the patient’s schedule.

Finding Outpatient Detox in Baltimore County

No one should have to fight addiction alone. For those seeking outpatient detox in Baltimore County, The Bertrand Group is ready to help throughout the treatment process. With the state’s leading treatment and recovery center, The Bertrand Group offers guidance, hope, and support to those who struggle with addiction and mental health issues. Whatever the problem, there is a solution that will fit each situation. Don’t put off getting help for addiction any longer.

Contact The Bertrand Group today for more information on outpatient detox and other addiction treatments. Find the right treatment plan to get your life back. Stop waiting and book a consultation today with the Bergand Group.

About The Bergand Group

At The Bergand Group in Baltimore and Harford County, Maryland, our therapists have more than twenty years of experience in the mental health and addiction fields. Our focus is on providing comprehensive mental health care and appropriate care for addictive disorders. We offer both alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance addiction, there is help available. We also offer several other services, including family therapy and counseling. We can help. Contact us today.