Alcoholism, binge drinking, and other forms of over-indulgence in this substance can easily lead to liver disease. “Deaths caused by liver disease and cirrhosis have increased by at least fifty percent in the past two decades,” and much of this has been caused by the binge drinking and alcohol abuse that is found even among those without labeled addictions.

Alcohol Abuse, Binge Drinking, and Misinformation

Suffering permanent liver damage as a result of alcohol abuse is most-commonly-found among men who have a decent salary and education. These binge drinkers partake to excess because they see it as a social activity, as part of a party, as something fun for the weekends. However, a few instances of this within about a two-month period can do long-lasting damage to the body: something that isn’t known to most people.

The current definition of binge drinking is if “within a two-hour period, a man consumes five or more drinks, or a woman four or more drinks.” Many people reach these numbers in a bout of day-drinking with friends, or partying all evening and night. Whatever the event, partaking regularly in this amount of alcohol abuse – yes, abuse – is proven to cause liver damage after a certain point. “It took only seven weeks of occasional binge drinking to harm the liver,” as discovered in a recent study, but this information isn’t particularly well-known.

We need to bring the harmful effects of binge drinking into the spotlight in order to educate the public about how habits that seem innocuous can cause long-lasting issues. To learn more about help for alcohol abuse, contact The Bergand Group. We offer recovery programs for yourself or for others who are seeking education materials about addictions. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction treatment and recovery center and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues, including direction for those who may be denying an addiction.  We can help you to work through your addiction in a safe and healthy environment where everyone is committed to your care.

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