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What is Ambulatory Detox?

Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore - The Bergand Group

While the focus of the media may be on the current pandemic, America is also facing an addiction epidemic that is taking far too many lives. In fact, drug overdoses are one of the leading case of death in people under the age of 50. A new problem leads to innovative solutions, and one of those is ambulatory detox in Baltimore.

What is Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore?

Ambulatory detox is a new addiction treatment model that utilizes an integrated approach to treat addiction for those who are dealing with an opiate, benzo, and/or alcohol addiction. The primary difference with the ambulatory approach is that for some it offers outpatient detox treatment options for benzo and alcohol, which was previously unheard of because of the side effects associated with detoxification.

However, the new treatment method is not only cost-effective, but it also is proving to be help save human lives. By providing patients with the option to detox in the comfort of their home, along with network therapy to help support continual recovery from addiction, the outcomes are looking positive.

What Should a Patient Expect from Ambulatory Detox?

If you are looking at ambulatory detox in Baltimore, then it may be helpful to learn what to expect. Depending on the source of addiction, ambulatory detox will include medication titration to slowly wean an addict off the addictive substance. This helps the patient slowly removes the substance from their life without experiencing too many side effects and helps increase the chance of compliance.

At the same time, the process allows the patient to become comfortable with treatment within the safety of their home. The clinical detoxication process overlooks the fact that to have a successful recovery the patient must learn to be drug-free in his or her environment. Ambulatory detox creates a transitionary period with supports and therapy in place to help make long-term recovery possible.

How Can Ambulatory Detox Help a Person Who is Struggling with Addiction?

Ambulatory detox in Baltimore is a great option for you or a loved one that is ready to face your addiction and make a meaningful and sustainable recovery. For more information, contact The Bergand Group today.

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