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Understanding Ambulatory Detox

Ambulatory Detox - The Bergand Group

When a person addicted to drugs or alcohol decides to get treatment, the first step to recovery is usually detoxification. It’s a process where the patient is admitted to an addiction recovery center and gets 24-hour medical care to rid his body of the substance. Inpatient detox also involves managing withdrawal symptoms and other complications. While the treatment works, it can be expensive. The more cost-effective alternative is getting an ambulatory detox in Baltimore.

How Inpatient Detox Works

In an ambulatory detox, the patient is only required to stay in the treatment center for a few hours each day or thrice a week, depending on the recommendation by the medical team. It’s effective and the cost is 40 percent lower than the traditional detox setting.

By implementing more innovative approaches including network therapy, ambulatory detox has been proven highly effective. Adjustments are made based on the substance used, the severity of use, and the medications the patient is on. You can expect an individualized treatment that ensures higher compliance and improved patient comfort. Therapy also includes helping patients learn how to better cope with their specific living situations. Most importantly, the patient gets a permanent and elevated level of support through family involvement.

How Ambulatory Detox Helps Those Struggling With Addiction

Not only is ambulatory detox more economical, but it’s also the safest alternative to helping patients successfully complete their first step to recovery in the comfort of their own homes. It means you have the ability to maintain your normal activities while getting treatment for your addiction. With the help of highly qualified medical professionals, ambulatory detox can deliver a higher efficacy rate.

Contact an Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore

The Bergand Group is an addiction treatment center fully committed to helping patients recover, grow, and lead a productive life after treatment. We have a compassionate team with extensive experience in the different therapeutic treatments for addiction. Our goal is not just to help clients recover but also to prevent them from relapsing. If you have mild to moderate symptoms of addiction, detox therapy may be the best option for you. We suggest calling today so that our ambulatory detox in Baltimore team can determine what treatment is suitable for you. Call us today!

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