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Understanding Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore MD

Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore - The Bergand Group

One of the most significant barriers to treating drug addiction in Baltimore is cost and convenience. People who are functionally addicted to drugs or alcohol shy away from an inpatient program because they cannot afford to miss work or simply cannot afford it. Others are not comfortable with the actual costs or stigma associated with inpatient detox, which is why ambulatory detox in Baltimore can be a more comfortable solution.

What Is Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore?

Ambulatory detox in Baltimore is an outpatient detox program that blends the benefits of both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. As part of an ambulatory detox program. Addicts visit an outpatient treatment center daily and are monitored for hours as they slowly withdraw from drugs or alcohol. This process takes longer since patients can only detox a small amount at a time, but despite the added length of time, it costs about 40% compared to inpatient detox.

What Can A Patient Expect from Ambulatory Detox?

Ambulatory detox programs are run by registered doctors and nurses trained to administer detox medications. The length of time you will need to be supervised each day as part of the detox process is dependent on what substance you are addicted to and how long you have been addicted to it. Not every patient is a good candidate for ambulatory detox as there are specific requirements for this unique detox program. To be considered, the addict must be in generally good health without too many unlying health conditions and have a stable home life that can support them when they return home.

How Can Detox Help?

Ambulatory detox in Baltimore can help patients in several different ways. First, they can detox on their own schedule and maintain jobs or families. Second, the reduced cost makes an ambulatory detox in Baltimore program more affordable for many. Third, many argue that an addict needs to learn to stay clean in their own environment versus a hospital environment, so ambulatory detox allows an addict to transition into clean living at a slow and measured rate within their home environment.

If you think that you may be a good match for an ambulatory detox program, contact the Bergand Group for more information.

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