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Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore: What You Should Know

Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore - The Bergand Group

Addiction is a severe problem in the United States, and when not treated properly, it can lead to serious consequences. In 2018, almost 70,000 people died from drug overdoses. In an attempt to address this rising issue, the medical community has come up with innovative treatment programs to meet people’s needs. Ambulatory detox is an addiction treatment approach that’s seen massive success for many people. If you’re looking for ambulatory detox in Baltimore, The Bergand Group is the top choice.

What is Ambulatory Detox?

Ambulatory detox is a treatment program where an individual abstains from drugs and alcohol on an outpatient basis. The patient receives quality, extensive treatment during the day at the rehabilitation center, but can return to the comfort of their home in the evenings.


There are several benefits to an ambulatory detox program. The most prominent being that it’s more cost-effective to full inpatient detox programs. As the patient doesn’t have to pay for overnight lodging, their treatment costs are significantly reduced.

The individual also receives medication management (if necessary) from the trained medical staff while receiving treatment throughout the day. This medication can help to ease and reduce some of the side effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Lastly, the treatment includes various types of therapy, so the individual can address the underlying issues of why they turned to substance abuse and learn how to stop.

Addiction Treatment

Ambulatory detox allows the individual to return home and stay close to their support networks. This makes the transition from treatment to everyday life much smoother, as the patient has already been integrating their rehabilitation and home life. As ambulatory detox does rely on the individual being able to make it through the evenings unsupervised by medical staff, it’s typically only suited for patients with a strong support network.

When completed successfully, an ambulatory detox program allows the individual to get the help they need and learn how to make sound decisions outside of the treatment center.

Find Ambulatory Detox in Baltimore at The Bergand Group

If you’re ready to find out more about ambulatory detox in Baltimore, the Bergand Group has the answers you’re looking for. Our program is flexible, allowing patients to find the solution that best fits their needs. Book an initial consultation with us online.

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