Ambulatory detox is an outpatient medical treatment program for those suffering from an addiction of any kind. It involves abstaining from the use of drugs or alcohol to flush out the body. This has proven to be cost-effective for many people since these patients are able to spend the night in the comfort of their own homes while receiving high-quality treatment during the day. With ambulatory detox – also known as outpatient treatment – patients get to enjoy some freedom and stay in close proximity to their support networks.

What a Patient Can Expect from Ambulatory Detox

A patient should expect to spend more days at the facility compared to an inpatient, however, the nights can be spent at home. Trained nurses ensure that these individuals have all information concerning the medical history of the patient and the drugs to which they are addicted. This enables them to know what kind of medication might be used to help with the withdrawals.

Therapy is also part of the healing process and can be undertaken either in groups or at an individual level. The patient’s behavior is keenly monitored by the physicians and nurses as they help the individual through the process. Though the stay might be longer, the outcome is just as likely to be a successful one as those in inpatient programs.

How Ambulatory Detox Can Help

  • Involving the patient’s loved ones and/or support system can help dramatically. Allowing more communication with these people – since the patient can go home or to work – provides that network of support during treatment.
  • Once the treatment is done for the day, the patient can head home: an environment that is less-restrictive as well as cost-effective. It provides a sense of comfort and familiarity, as well as flexibility financially and otherwise.
  • The ambulatory detox process could involve the use of medication, one carefully chosen to help the individual to detox. This may make the entire process easier and smoother for the patient.

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