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Trial and Error in Approaches to Alcohol Rehab

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There are a lot of ways to think about recovery, considering that it varies from person to person, from experience to experience.  “One set concept” of the recovery and alcohol rehab experience doesn’t exist as one program or method simply can’t work for everyone.  Thankfully, there are a number of potential lifestyle changes and sources of support that can help patients as they make their way toward sobriety, and if there are issues improving via one approach, another might be much more effective.

The Many Options of Recovery

One consideration that seems to help a lot of people moving through alcohol rehab is to keep in mind a focused purpose.  With another person or goal in mind, the individual in recovery may gain that extra motivation that he or she might not have had otherwise.  To work with another’s well-being in mind can be the extra push if a desire for self-improvement is not enough.  “More people quit addictions—heroin, alcohol, coffee, nicotine—when they or their spouses become pregnant, or their children near the age of awareness, than for any other reason under the sun. We will explicate the underlying dynamic at work here—love…”

It sounds romantic, perhaps, but the facts are in support of the concept.  People are motivated by other people.  This also contributes to another group that can help along alcohol rehab: community.  Being surrounded by people, even if it isn’t within a support group or meeting, it can be immensely relieving so that you know that there are others struggling, whether with unrelated or drug or alcohol issues.  Everyone has their own cross to bear and this can be made evident in a simple conversation with another person.  “Whatever parts of yourself that are not engaged in your addiction—and these always remain plentiful—deserve to form allegiances and to gain the benefits of knowing other people who share your interests and values.  Broader communities like these, both model and reinforce non-addicted behavior.”  Engaging with others, particularly those involved in positive and healthy activities, can only act as a boon throughout the process.  Once involved with these activities, the patient will likely find that the resulting experience is a good one and a thorough distraction from other, more addictive behaviors.

Other solutions may fall within the realm of more “internalized” strategies.  Some may be more difficult than others: “empowerment” is listed, which is the belief that a person can power through alcohol rehab through sheer strength of will.  He or she believes that the final goal of complete recovery is possible and is therefore able to accomplish that goal solely (or primarily) because of that strong determination.  Another method involves relying on one’s values, the cornerstones of life and everything in it that, at least pre-addiction, guided that person.  It means remembering those values and focusing on returning to them, or maybe on how far the patient has deviated from them while suffering from addiction.  It can be easy to push down those motivations because they bring discomfort within the period of substance use, but it’s important to try and keep them at the forefront to boost recovery within alcohol rehab.

Mindfulness can work within this period to focus and to reflect both inward and outward; simply put, “mindfulness is being aware of the forces that determine your behavior.”  Being aware can make it easier for the individual to recognize triggers, patterns or impetuses for certain kinds of behavior, such as periods of relapse or, more positively, lengths of time where recovery seems easier.  Noting when these changes take place and meditating on the possible causes can make a big difference in alcohol rehab so that the patient can move forward with more confidence and understanding.  Examining, rather than trying to block, thoughts and feelings can seem strange and even frightening at first, but is ultimately a beneficial practice.

Addiction grows and flourishes under varying circumstances and can be remedied with similarly diverse methods.  When in alcohol rehab, you may try a number of potential fixes that don’t seem to be successful, but remember that there are always more options and that you aren’t alone in the process.  For more information on recovery and alcohol rehab in Harford County, get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction recovery center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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