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Drug Help in Harford County Maryland Saves Lives

Drug Help in Harford County

How do people know when they’re in need of professional help for drug addiction? It’s a question that many people have difficulty answering. Most people who are using drugs don’t realize it, or simply can’t accept it even when confronted by loved ones.  Fortunately, there are ways to tell when someone is in need of drug help in Harford County Maryland. 

Drug Help in Harford County Helps with Symptoms of Withdrawal

The first sign that you might be struggling with an addiction is the physical symptoms of withdrawal. If you’re craving certain types of drugs, or desperately trying to keep yourself away from social situations that would put you in contact with the used substance, there’s a good chance that your body is dependent on the effects.

Financial Toll

Another sign of addiction is the financial toll that your habit has taken. You may find yourself spending large amounts of money on the substances, or suddenly experiencing major changes in your finances. Both of these can create a cycle of additional stress and subsequent substance use.

Legal Ramifications

Another sign of addiction is any legal ramifications that your habit has incurred. If you’ve been arrested for possession or taken in by the police for other drug-related offenses, there’s a good chance that your addiction has spiraled out of control.

A person might also suddenly become less concerned with their appearance if they’re using the substance regularly. If you’re neglecting personal hygiene, wearing dirty clothes, or having sudden weight loss or weight gain, there’s a chance that you’re struggling with substance abuse.

If you recognize these signs in yourself or someone you love, The Bergand Group can help. We offer comprehensive and personalized addiction treatment in Harford County and surrounding areas of Maryland and Delaware.

The Bergand Group Can Provide Drug Help in Harford County

Our comprehensive drug help in Harford County programs and resources are available to those who need them throughout the year. Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask for help!

We also offer help for all types of addictions, from opiates to heroin to alcohol, and features detox programs. Our company’s commitment to confidentiality and professionalism make us a valuable resource for those who need help with an addiction. You can learn more about the benefits of visiting our facility on our website.

Once you’ve learned more about what we offer and how we can provide beneficial treatment, call us at 443-965-6219 to discuss your options.

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