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Discover Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore

Since alcohol is a perfectly legal and socially acceptable substance, many people don’t reflect on its darker side until they have an abuse problem or even an addiction. Each day in the U.S., more than 260 people lose their lives to excessive drinking. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance; while many people believe they can control their drinking, the reverse is true once the individual has developed a dependency on alcohol. Alcohol rehabilitation in baltimore involves a series of treatments designed to help a person manage their alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is a chronic condition, but with treatment at a high-quality rehab, people can develop strategies for effectively ending their dependence on alcohol and getting their lives–and health–back on track.

What Happens When a Loved One Doesn’t Think They Need Treatment?

It often happens that a person doesn’t believe they need treatment for their alcohol problem. Unfortunately, a person who has developed an alcohol use disorder does need treatment; the very fact that they have become addicted to alcohol is an indication that they cannot control their drinking. Not only is alcohol addiction a chronic condition; it’s frequently a progressive one that will cause one’s mental and physical health to deteriorate.

Many people living in Baltimore today don’t want to enter rehab because they don’t want to stop drinking. Some families may choose to stage an intervention with the help of a trained interventionist. Some loved ones may choose to educate themselves on alcoholism so that they can persuade their loved one to, at least, have their condition evaluated and to consider the various types of alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore available to them.

What Role Does Detox Play in Rehab?

Clinically supervised detox is typically the first part of the rehab process. Detox targets the physical dependence on alcohol. During detox, which may last about a week, the individual is slowly weaned from alcohol until they’re no longer physically dependent. While they will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms during detox, rehab staff are able to provide treatments to reduce the severity of those symptoms. Detox does NOT, however, address the individual’s underlying psychological and behavioral dependence on alcohol, which are often the drivers of relapse. That’s why post-detox therapy is so crucial for alcoholism recovery.

Finding Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore

If you or a loved one is suffering from an alcohol abuse problem in Baltimore, you can find help with The Bergand Group. Their alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore is renowned for its customized approach to recovery. With the help of its caring addiction specialists, individuals who are suffering from addiction can learn how to manage their condition and achieve lasting recovery. Contact The Bergand Group to learn more about its alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore.

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