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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore: Path to Recovery

lcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore

Alcohol rehabilitation is designed to help those struggling with addiction to overcome it with the right tools and resources. Rehab offers individualized treatment plans, counseling sessions, productive activities, and a safe environment where you will be surrounded by supportive people who understand exactly what you are going through. If you or a loved one need alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore, then the Bergand Group is here to help.

How to Know if You or A Loved One Needs Treatment

There are a few symptoms and signs that you or a loved one may need alcohol rehabilitation. If you have tried to quit drinking, but cannot seem to do so, experienced withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, shaking, anxiety, or depression when you tried to stop drinking alcohol, have lost people you love because of your alcohol-related incidents, or have attempted to limit the number of drinks you have or only drink at certain times, then it is likely that you will benefit from treatment.

When it comes to your loved ones, some symptoms include yellow eyes and skin due to liver damage, always smelling like alcohol, facing problems with work, friends, and family, and getting into repeated issues that can cause serious injuries such as drunk driving.

When A Loved One Doesn’t Think They Need Treatment

Identify the role you are playing. Are you an enabler? Are you offering them a place to live? Do you always help them get out of the messes they’ve made? You must stop enabling their addiction in order to truly help them. 

The Role that Detox Plays in Rehab

When you choose to seek treatment for an addiction, the first step is detoxification which breaks a person’s physical dependence on a substance. Since cold turkey is dangerous and the side effects can be deadly, detoxing in a medical environment is necessary. Clients are given medications to suppress cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore With the Bergand Group

The Bergand Group has licensed professionals to assist you on your journey to recovery. For more information, contact us today.

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