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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore County Maryland

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Harford County

Alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore begins with a person admitting that they need help and committing themselves to stay sober for good.

What is Alcohol Rehabilitation, and When is it Needed?

Many people experience periods of unmanageability when they drink. These typically occur in the form of binges where a person drinks to excess multiple times within a short period.

People in need of alcohol rehab realize this when they’ve reached a point where abstinence is their best option. This point varies from person to person and depends on the severity of their addiction. Some people can cut back for a while, but not before experiencing negative consequences such as interpersonal issues or health problems. Others may drink so much that they become a danger to themselves and others.

Regardless of where a person falls on this spectrum, they will likely need a treatment program that specializes in addiction recovery before it worsens.

When a Loved One Doesn’t Think They Need Treatment

Whether the patient lives with someone or not, friends and family have a significant impact on their ability to recover. Many won’t look for help until someone in their life threatens to stop supporting them or worse, leaving them if they don’t get sober. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that these individuals rarely truly want their loved ones to leave them. Rather than abandon someone who needs help, family members can either convince them to go on their own or seek treatment for them.

What Role Does Detox Play in Rehab?

Detox and rehab are different but related concepts and they work together toward the same goal: addiction recovery. Detox is a process by which an individual’s body rids itself of any alcohol leftover from the previous night’s binge or the previous years of heavy drinking.

During detox, the patient will remain in a safe environment where medical professionals monitor their physical health and provide pharmaceutical support if necessary. Since addiction is primarily a psychological disease, addicts are also monitored for signs of mental illness that could indicate something other than alcohol addiction is at play. Beyond this, detox does little more than manage the immediate physical effects of drinking.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Baltimore Maryland

Rehab focuses on teaching people how to think differently, how to cope with stress, and how to lead their lives in a way that doesn’t revolve around drinking.

Rehab isn’t always easy, even in the beginning when motivation is strong. Over time though, they begin to internalize these lessons and may find themselves thinking about what really matters in life for the first time in years. The Bergand Group is an addiction treatment center that specializes in alcohol rehabilitation in Baltimore and other types of programs.

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