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Understanding Addiction Treatment in Baltimore

Addiction Treatment in Baltimore - The Bergand Group

People who experience regular cravings for drugs or alcohol and other similar issues may need addiction treatment. Drug and alcohol addictions can alter a person’s brain chemistry, cause liver damage and even trigger potentially fatal health issues like cancer. It’s critical to choose a reliable treatment provider for addiction treatment in Baltimore.

A Professional Institution Helping People Fight Addiction

The Bergand Group specializes in offering various outpatient treatment options for individuals with drug and alcohol abuse disorders. The organization’s medical experts use a combination of medication-assisted treatment programs and addiction psychiatry programs to help patients recover.

Treatment requirements of each individual may vary based on the severity of the addiction, the individual’s age, and overall health condition. The Bergand Group experts focus on providing personalized detoxification and recovery treatment plans using medication management as a treatment foundation. Programs offered by the group include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)
  • General and addiction psychiatry programs
  • DUI/DWI educational programs
  • Group therapy programs during early recovery and treatment process
  • Medication management techniques to avoid the adverse effects of quitting ‘cold turkey’
  • Counseling and psychotherapy for patients and family members

The organization actively tries to match patients with the right medical experts for treatment purposes. The experts in the group have over 20 years of experience providing treatment to people with drug and alcohol abuse disorders.

Intensive outpatient alcohol and drug treatment programs are designed to minimize the risk of relapses. The professionals use antagonist and blocking agents and buprenorphine as part of the treatment.

Why Choose a Professional Institution for Addiction Treatment in Baltimore?

The Bergand Group offers several flexible detoxification programs and recovery programs. As a trusted provider of addiction treatment in Baltimore, institution uses effective long-term healing techniques and programs to improve patient’s overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

Addiction is a complex condition that has a profound impact on the patient’s brain. Less established treatment facilities may not have the required experience or expertise to help patients accomplish full recovery without the risk of relapse. Improper addiction treatment techniques and withdrawal techniques could adversely affect the person’s nervous system and brain.

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