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Exploring Options for Addiction Treatment in Harford County

Addiction Treatment in Harford County

Addiction treatment in Harford County looks different for each patient. For some, it’s counseling and psychotherapy. Others experience great success with Intensive Outpatient Programs and medication management. If you’re looking for help overcoming drug or alcohol addictions, working with The Bergand Group can improve your outcome substantially.

Addiction Treatment in Harford County

The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem. If you abuse drugs and alcohol as a means to escape the stressful parts of your life, or you find yourself constantly engaging in destructive behavior, it’s time to explore the options available for the treatment of your addictions. Knowing what options exist helps you determine the best route to recovery for you personally.

Below, you will find the different types of options for Addiction Treatment in Harford County available at the Bergand Group along with a short description of each and why they’re beneficial. It is our hope that you’ll avoid seeking treatment at questionable facilities in the area that do more harm than good by contacting us. As a professional institute with years of experience working with patients with addictions, we possess the best tools, programs, and resources to help you recover.

Types of Treatment

The types of treatment options that we offer include individual, group, and family therapy with licensed professionals. Counseling and psychiatric care treat the root of addiction and can consist of a combination of medications and therapies. Outpatient Detox and Withdrawal Symptom Management and Medication Management teaches you how to cope better when experiencing unwanted thoughts and urges. It also prevents you from abusing the medication prescribed to you which creates different addictions.

Recovery is personal. We make sure you have the guidance and support needed to succeed. Speaking to us directly allows us to get to know you and your struggles with drug or alcohol abuse. We’re then able to determine a course of action for you to take that enables you to be your best self.

The Bergand Group

Improve your overall health and well-being with addiction treatment in Harford County. The Bergand Group commits to helping you achieve your treatment goals. From DUI/DWI Educational Programs to family therapy, we provide the best and safest resources for making progress toward recovery. Call us today to learn more about addiction treatment for drug or alcohol abuse.

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