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Daily Practices to Ease Recovery from Addiction

Recovery from addiction is a battle both physical and mental, testing your body as you fight to change the direction of your life and your mind as you work to adjust to move into healthier behavior.  Practicing good mindfulness can ease this endeavor, allowing you to reflect on your progress, strengths and weaknesses, and to adjust as you go.  To help along this path there are a number of potential solutions, but why not try one that requires little extra effort, has proven results, and can bring you increased calm and tranquility in no time?

“It’s just that if you want to lift yourself up out of the energy of addiction and break through to a new level of strength and awareness, one will have to adopt a practice that continues the detoxification process on a much deeper level.”  Yoga, known for its bringing together of the mind, body, and soul, has a positive track record of working within simplicity to bring real results to those who need them most.   Mindfulness, which is exactly what it sounds like, can be done at any time or place to encourage feelings of gratitude, awareness, stability, and peace when you might have none.  Together, these two practices can make the process of recovery from addiction much easier while building beneficial habits that can play a beneficial role throughout your life.

Keep Your Body and Mind on Your Side

When facing treatment for addiction, consider extra practices outside of therapy-related activities that can more fully integrate your entire “system” within the process.  Yoga unites body and mind by drawing your attention to how you are moving and breathing.  Mindfulness brings you into the present to alleviate the buzz of worries about the past and future.  Coupled with treatment, these two practices allow for a smoother recovery from addiction from start to finish. Yoga is such a popular and age-old discipline because it works.  There are enough variations to how it can be done that it can fit easily into any lifestyle, and the impacts (both physical and emotional) can be felt after just one session.  Mindfulness is highly practical and allows for easier discernment between things in your day to day that can be changed and things that should be accepted.

“Think of recovery as a multi-tiered process in which different people need different things at different times.”  It may be that you’re learning and improving during your addiction psychiatry meetings, but still have a difficult time just before bed.  If you begin with a simple yoga pose, or two, or three, and make it a routine, you may find that you feel more relaxed when you lie down for the night.  Alternatively (or combined with, for best results), you can take a few minutes before falling asleep to list things from your day that you’re grateful for, to imagine what you might do to better yourself and others tomorrow, or to just try and acknowledge how you’re feeling as an impartial observer might.  These mindfulness practices will make you a more thankful, understanding and giving person while also bringing more happiness to your own life.  By taking stock of your feelings as you work through recovery from addiction, you can learn more thoroughly where they come from and perhaps employ cognitive behavioral therapy to put them into perspective.

No matter how effective professional treatment is, recovery from addiction can be complicated as you try to move past the same kinds of restless or unhappy energies that plagued you during some of your most difficult times.  Introducing yoga and/or mindfulness into your life can bring a renewed freedom that goes hand in hand with your treatment in order to provide the most effective solution for you.  It’s easier said than done to give a lot of energy and focus to anything if you feel that you’re struggling, but you’re far from alone throughout the process.  Try and be your own ally during recovery from addiction as much as possible by adding in healthy habits, positive practices, and, most importantly, allowing yourself to ask for and seek help when you need it.  Even if you’ve been doing well and feel lately has been more difficult, appreciate how far you’ve been able to come so far and make a commitment to your wellness by being an ally of your own recovery.

For more information on addiction treatment, therapy, and recovery, get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction recovery center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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