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Addiction Treatment in Baltimore Helps to Heal

Addiction Treatment in Baltimore

Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting requires more than the willpower to do so. This is because drugs and alcohol change the way the brain works. The good news is that there are researchers who know better now than ever how drugs affect the brain. They have the appropriate treatments to help those struggling with addiction lead healthy lives. If you or someone you know needs addiction treatment in Baltimore, you can rely on The Bergand Group to help.

Signs You or A Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment

There are various behavioral and emotional symptoms that can show a person is struggling with addiction. Some behavioral symptoms include missing work or school, changes in sleep patterns, legal problems, sudden financial problems, and isolation and secretiveness about whereabouts. Emotional symptoms include irritability, loss of interest in activities and friends, blame shifting and diversion, acting inappropriate or obnoxious, and when confronted, they offer strange excuses and justifications for their behavior.

Do You Need Treatment?

It’s important that when you search for an establishment, you look out for red flags. Does the website make it difficult to track down a physical address or talk to someone at the facility? Is the staff working without credentials? Does the website lack photographs of the facility itself? Are they offering a “one-size fits all” approach to treatment? Are they unclear when you ask for the price of treatment?

At The Bergand Group, our therapists have over 20 years of experience in the addiction fields and mental health. We address the needs of each individual and then create a specific treatment plan for their needs. Pharmacologic therapy, use of antagonist and blocking agents, drug monitoring and prescribing, buprenorphine – both maintenance and detox, are offered. Our goal is to help our clients who have experienced addiction to recover and achieve a level of personal development and comfort through both clinical and other programs.

The Bergand Groups Offers Addiction Treatment in Baltimore

We provide general and addiction psychiatry, group therapy, individual therapy, intensive outpatient programs, and medication management. For more information or to schedule an appointment today, contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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