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Addiction Treatment in Baltimore: A Journey to Recovery

Addiction Treatment in Baltimore

Substance abuse addiction, whether it be drugs or alcohol, is a serious condition that can have life-threatening consequences. The most effective way to treat addiction is to seek professional help from a rehabilitation treatment center. These facilities focus their services on helping individuals find a road to recovery by treating addiction and other co-occurring conditions that may play a role in the addiction process. If you’re seeking addiction treatment in Baltimore, turn to The Bergand Group.

Signs Addiction Treatment is Necessary

Addiction can display itself differently in each individual, but some common signs that indicate it’s time for addiction treatment include:

  • Losing interest in friends, family, your job, and other responsibilities
  • Taking dangerous risks
  • Isolating
  • A decrease in personal hygiene
  • Anger, depression, and extreme mood swings
  • A constant desire to consume more of the substance
  • Higher dosage is frequently required for the same level of intoxication
  • Quitting without help has not worked in the past.

How The Bergand Group Helps

Attempting to quit without help may be admirable, but it holds many dangers. First, individuals who quit without help are more likely to relapse, which may discourage them from trying to stay sober again. Secondly, there are grave health risks associated with quitting “cold turkey.” Once a person’s body has become reliant on drugs or alcohol, it can shock the system and cause bodily harm to suddenly stop supplying that substance anymore.

A professional facility, on the other hand, offers benefits such as:

  • Trained professional medical staff who have been through the recovery process with thousands of patients and know what works
  • Monitoring, so if a health issue arises, there is a medical professional nearby to help
  • Medication management to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms
  • Therapy programs so individuals can understand what drove them to addiction and learn how to manage their triggers
  • Diagnosis of co-occurring disorders.

The Bergand Group employs skilled, licensed, and trained staff to help individuals through their recovery. All the possible tools and resources a patient needs is available to them at all times. Additionally, patients can choose from various program formats to find one that best suits their needs.

Other Treatments

There are other types of treatments for addiction out there. Some of these include spiritual healing, the alcohol moderation management program, and more. It’s important to understand that these programs don’t have a high rate of success. Additionally, addiction often comes with other mental health or medical concerns that should be considered in the treatment process. Other forms of treatment can’t provide this holistic approach and often, unknowingly put people in danger. As the consequences of relapse are so high, it’s important to take the tried and true path of a professional rehabilitation facility.

Addiction Treatment in Baltimore With The Bergand Group

If you’re seeking addiction treatment in Baltimore, The Bergand Group is your answer. Our professional facility offers treatment for all forms of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as any co-occurring disorders. You’ll receive a customized treatment plan that will address your concerns and put you on the best path for recovery. Contact us today to find out more.

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