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Addiction Help Followed by Seasonal Temptation

Addiction Help and Holiday Trouble - The Bergand Group

Keeping to a commitment to better oneself or to a resolution after getting addiction help can be made infinitely more challenging during the holiday season.  Temptation is everywhere and other people can sometimes make it more difficult to stick to these promises if they don’t understand what you’re trying to do (and sometimes even then).  Don’t give up on whatever goal you’re working toward; you’ve already made it this far!  Though this time of year comes with its own unique challenges, that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them with a few strategies to solidify what you began working toward in getting addiction help.

Keep Yourself Focused and on Track

People – or, “most people” – are not very good at following through with things.  It’s difficult to get motivated enough to begin change, let alone see it through.  If you’ve already gotten addiction help or worked through treatment and are now home for the holidays, you may find it more of a challenge than ever before to stick to your plan toward change.  Whether it’s because of the influence of other people or an internal debate, you’ll undoubtedly face challenges this season.

“The challenge is finding ways to close the gap between good intentions and human nature.”  So, how do you begin to combat these potential pitfalls and stick to what you began when you sought out addiction help?  There are a number of potential strategies and not all of them will work for everyone, but it’s worth a try to test out some of these plans in order to keep yourself honest.

To begin, you have to be able to both hold yourself accountable while also not being harsh.  If you’ve already worked through therapy and gotten some level of addiction help then you’ve already managed a great accomplishment.  Self-control is the ultimate objective, but that’s much easier said than done.  Make sure that you begin by setting clear goals for yourself, ones that are feasible.  Consider multi-part goals so that you can congratulate yourself for taking smaller steps while working toward a larger destination.  If an issue with holiday parties is that family are fairly pushy, surround yourself with less abrasive people or with those who aren’t likely to drink, for whatever reason.

Which seems more attainable: “get sober” or “make it through tonight without a drink?”  Most people would say the latter.  The reason is because it’s a clearer, less abstract goal.  In other words, it’s more specific and smaller in scale.  In any situation, these kinds of goals are the ones that are most easily reached as compared with the nondescript bars set by idealists at New Years.  When receiving addiction help, the advice and guidelines will be these kinds of clear-cut targets; why should it be any different when you’re back home?

Addiction help is only attainable with a certain level of personal motivation.  Why do you want to get “clean” or “sober?”  Who is it for?  Keeping with the earlier theme, the more specific, the better.  Imagine a person, whether it be yourself or others.  Imagine how you’d like for your life to be in one year, five years, twenty years.  Imagine your dream job, or something comparable.  Once you find a solid motivating factor, it becomes easier to trudge on ahead through the difficulties of holiday gatherings. Do some internal assessment and try and determine, honestly, how much you want to reach the goal(s) you’ve set?  If the answer isn’t as strong as it potentially should be, then it may be time to reassess and figure out a better and stronger focus for your recovery.

No matter how things are progressing now, the fact that you’ve made a commitment to change is a big accomplishment.  It is the first step toward addiction help and should be appreciated, most of all by you.  Having confidence in your ability to make a difference within your life and to avoid or overcome whatever temptation may be thrown your way during the holidays is key.  If you don’t believe that you can really change, then it’s unlikely that you will, based on this self-defeating prophecy.  Instead, give yourself credit for what you’ve been able to do so far and accept that there will be difficulties that are beyond your control and, most importantly, not a result of any failing of your own.

Getting addiction help is a big step toward whatever goal you’ve set for yourself and for your life and it should be celebrated.  For more information about getting comprehensive addiction help in Baltimore and Harford County, get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction recovery center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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