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What to Look for in Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore

General and Addiction Psychiatry Timoinium MD

Addiction psychiatry focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from addiction-related disorders. Compared to general psychiatry where medical doctors manage and treat patients with mental health problems, this type of psychiatry specializes on disorders involving illegal drugs, gambling or food. In addition, addiction psychiatry doctors may also treat those other psychiatric disorders or patients with dual diagnosis. Simply put, addiction psychiatrists are substance use disorder experts, medical doctors with added qualifications and also certified as a general psychiatrist. Reach out to these experts if you need addiction psychiatry in Baltimore.

Benefits of Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, we highly recommend that you get in touch with an addiction psychiatrist to help the person fully recover from his addiction. Medical doctors would first evaluate the patient and determine how severe their addiction problem is, before providing you with individualized solutions to help the patient completely recover from their addiction problem. You need not worry if you or a loved one has a co-occuring mental health diagnoses for the addiction psychiatrist can also help treat both disorders. There are FDA-approved medications appropriate for specific patients. Doctors may also recommend that the patient enroll in 12-step programs such as Alcohoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to help them recover and avoid relapse.

How an Addiction Psychiatry-Certified Can Help Patients Recover

This type of psychiatry uses medicine, psychotherapy or therapeutic interaction for diagnosing and treating patients. While general psychiatrists may help patients with addiction problems, working with a certified addiction psychiatrist can help them more as these doctors are not just certified general psychiatrist but they also committed themselves to an ACGME-accredited residency in addiction to studying addiction psychiatry. They are the most qualified doctors to diagnose and treat addiction-related disorders.

Finding Help with the Bergand Group

If you need addiction psychiatry in Baltimore, please don’t hesitate to reach out to The Bergand Group. Our team of medical professionals are fully dedicated and committed to helping out patients fully recover from addiction. We also have certified addiction psychiatrists that can better help patients recover. Let us help and contact us today!

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